Blizzard Announces Two New Characters In Heroes Of The Storm As Well As New Brawl And A Major Giveaway

Blizzard announced at BlizzCon 2016 today two new heroes in their MOBA game Heroes of the Storm. A new brawl called Blackheart's Revenge was also featured as well as the new giveaway system dubbed The Nexus Challenge. Let us all take a look at it.

Two New Characters In Heroes Of The Storm

Varian, the High King of Alliance, is one of the two new heroes announced by Blizzard today. He is a melee based on the character Varian Wryn in the World of Warcraft. According to the developer, Varian can play the role of either a shielded warrior or an assassin. Another new hero is Ragnaros: The Firelord who is based on the WoW NPC that can be found in the Firelands.

Both Ragnaros and Varian are available to play at Blizzcon this weekend. Varian will hit the test realm next week while Ragnaros will follow in December. Blizzcon runs from November 4 to 5 in California.

Blackheart's Revenge

The new brawl has an attack-defend style mechanics. On this game, only one team has a Core. Each team must gather cannonballs and load them into the cannon around the docks. The goal is to send Blackheart to a watery grave by firing them with the cannon. The defenders' role is to assist the pirate ship in reaching its destination by stopping the attackers to collect enough cannonballs.

The Nexus Challenge

Added to the new heroes and brawl is Blizzard's new giveaway system dubbed "The Nexus Challenge." A party of friends playing Heroes together will be able to unlock an epic set of in-game loot for both HotS and Overwatch. Fifteen Heroes games in Ranked, Unranked, Quick Match, or even Co-op vs Bots before the time runs out will give you Oni Genji skin, spray, and player icon for Overwatch plus a Zarya and Oni Genji Portrait for HotS. More deals are offered if you play more games. You can visit this link for all the details.

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