Heroes Of The Storm To Release 'Heroes Brawl Mode' [Video]

Heroes of the Storm, an online multiplayer battle arena game by Blizzard Entertainment for the OS X and Microsoft Windows, features heroes from the Blizzard universe like Overwatch, Diablo, Warcraft, StarCraft, and The Lost Vikings. The game utilizes both freemium and free-to-play models and also features micropayments, which allows players purchase heroes, and alters their aesthetics. Blizzard prefers to call it "hero brawler" instead of "action real-time strategy" or "multiplayer online battle arena" because they feel it to be something different with a broader play style. The game got released in 2015, as posted on Wikipedia.

Today, Heroes of the storm will be updating their game 'mode' by Oct. 17. 'Heroes Brawl', a revolutionary version of the game's already existing Arena mode, is aiming to introduce a healthier dose of what can best be described as a: "delightful madness" by way of unique 'mutations'. Not just that, the game is set to have rules changing every week, We Got This Covered reports.

Similar to the Tavern and Brawls of Blizzard's other titles Overwatch and Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm's own version promises to feature radically different variant per week, with some of them being teased by the developers on what is coming:

Hammer Time - Everyone gets to drive a hover tank! Portraying Sg.t Hammers, all players get to permanently engage the thrusters! The cores are reportedly invulnerable so it will be all about capturing towers to triumph.

Punisher Arena - Not for puns, this mode will rack up kill points by eliminating Punishers and heroes. The first team to reach 100 wins.

Lost Cavern - Nothing unusual, just a standard map, except there's only one lane! It's like Train to Busan, kill anyone who's in your way.

If these random rules aren't enough to get you to play Heroes Brawl, there's some more enticing perks. Besides the brand new battlegrounds and arenas specific to each introduced modes, having to complete the 3 of them in a week will give you 1,000 gold among other rewards. Heroes of the Storm may not enjoy as much success as its sibling titles but it is good to know that Blizzard is doing what they can to raise the game's hype.

Are you excited about this update? How well do you know your heroes? Feel free to comment below. In the meantime, check out the footage about the upcoming features for Heroes of the Storm:


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