Pokemon Go Update: Niantic Shuts Down FastPokeMap Permanently

The battle between Niantic and FastPokeMap has been concluded as Pokemon Go developer delivers a final blow to knock out the most popular third-party app. The two have been clashing back and forth for several months already where FastPokeMap successfully altered Niantic's new security system. However, it seems like the third-party app did not expect the counter from Niantic as it totally shuts their services down for good.

For those who are uninitiated, FastPokeMap is a third-party tracking service that enables players to instantly track the exact distance of a nearby Pokemon. Most of the Pokemon Go players still supported that said service even though Niantic has warned them not to use any third party apps since it is considered as cheating. This is also due to the lack of tracking feature from the game where players are walking aimlessly just to track a particular Pokemon appearing on the Sightings tab.

According to Otakukart, there are several arguments made from both sides. However, it does not have a major impact since FastPokeMap developer issued a final message to their users. Recently, Niantic has been expanding their new Nearby Tracking system to some countries which is a little bit of good news from the players. For several months now, Pokemon Go's player base has been constantly dropping due to the lack of communication for future updates despite having reassurance of updated communication back in August.

On the other hand, it is rightful for Niantic to protect its servers. It is also unnecessary to integrate a new tracking system if a third-party app is constantly blocking their way. In addition, most players feel that the current in-game tracking system is insufficient. Players from rural areas are greatly affected since they felt like it does not function well compared to its predecessor. For instance, it is difficult to track Pokemon without the three-step feature.

Regardless, it is expected that third-party apps will emerged soon. However, it is intriguing enough to see what kind of services will develop because Niantic has been recently pouring their resources towards server integrity which includes Google Captcha's assistance.


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