Here's Why You Can't Stop The GTA 5 Freight Train

The GTA 5 Freight Train is one of the most talked about feature of the game for reasons fans do not expect. Many YouTubers have tried to stop it but failed. The result? Lots and lots of videos wherein almost every kind of object in the game has been pegged against the train. The question remains: why can't anyone stop it? Luckily, a game developer explains why.

The GTA 5 Freight Train Is Programmed As An Immovable Object

There are two kinds of objects in GTA 5, dynamic and static, per a Reddit thread. Dynamic objects react to outside stimuli, meaning they can be affected when acted upon. Examples are cars and characters. Cars can be controlled and wrecked when colliding with another object, whether dynamic or static. NPCs can be killed. The character can be blocked by other objects and can be killed.

The opposite is true for static objects. Examples are buildings, trees and the GTA 5 train. They simply cannot be moved nor affected by an outside force. Even though the train is moving, nothing can possibly stop it or make it run if not the code itself. In short, static objects are programmed that way. Thus, every obstacle put by the player will be pushed aside.

How To Seemingly Stop The Train

Delving into the GTA 5 code will get players stop the train. According to GTA 5 Cheats, preventing the rewriting of xyz coordinates will cause the train to not move from its spawn location, if someone were able to do this at all.

Other ways to stop the train is to kill the driver, which would make it stop until the NPC despawns and respawns. Rockstar has also programmed it to take explosion damage so blasting the engine should also stop it. However, there are no means of stopping it by putting any object in front of it.

Since static objects are not meant to collide, placing a tree in front of the running train will not work. It will only pass through the object as if it were not there.

GTA 5 is available on PlayStation 3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. Meanwhile, players can participate in a murder mystery involving a dead body hiding beneath the waves.

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