Overwatch Complete Guide: Ultimates And Abilities That Are Nullified By Sombra's EMP

By K.C , Nov 08, 2016 04:10 AM EST

It surely is a busy day for Overwatch' PTR as Sombra just went live today. But before you go camouflaging and dropping the EMP bomb to the crowd, you may want to learn the AoE hacking of the ability and how it actually interacts on various ultimates and abilities in the game. As for the current time, here are all the information that we've gathered regarding Sombra's EMP ability and the ultimates and abilities that it can nullify.

Overwatch Tips: Sombra's EMP Overview

The EMP is basically an augmented version of Sombra's Hack ability which affects all enemies within a large AoE radius - about the size of Mei's Blizzard. The tooltip of Hack is that, it disables "abilities" of all enemies caught within the blast as well as preventing them from taking health packs (if and only if the health packs are within the blast radius). But we're more concerned about its debilitating EMP and so we've compiled all the information we've gathered as to what ultimates and abilities can it effectively disable when thrown. Credits to GosuGamers for the full info.

Sombra's EMP: Ultimate and Basic Abilities Interaction

Genji - Genji still retains its Dragonblade buff when hit by the EMP blast.
McCree -
When McCree channels Deadeye, EMP effectively disables the ability.
Junkrat - RIP-Tire is not destroyed and can still be controlled regardless if Junkrat or the Tire is hit by the effect.
Pharah -
Much like McCree, Pharah's Barrage is effectively disabled by the EMP blast. But the good news is, with the buff to Pharah's Hover, you can essentially jump to buildings high enough to avoid Sombra's EMP.
Tracer - Pulse Bomb is not disabled or removed from its target.
Soldier 76 - The target locking of Tactical Visor is neither disabled nor impaired by EMP.
Reaper - Death Blossom is interrupted by EMP.
Bastion - Bastion remains in his ultimate form, Tank mode but EMP can effectively take out his basic Siege Mode.
Hanzo -
Once the shot has been released, EMP cannot stop the Dragon attack which will follow afterwards.
Mei - Blizzard will not be disabled by the EMP.
Widowmaker - Infrasight is not disabled by EMP.
Torbjorn - The armor he gains while using Molten Core is removed but the Attack Speed and Health boost remains active. Also, the turrets are completely disabled by EMP.
Roadhog - Whole Hog is disabled by EMP.
Zarya - Graviton Surge is not disabled by EMP.
Winston - Primal Rage form and all of its buffs remains active.
Reinhardt - Earthshatter is not disabled by EMP but his Shield and Charge abilities are completely disabled.
D.Va - Self-Destruct will not be cancelled but the Call Mech ability is temporarily disabled by EMP.
Lucio - Sound Barrier is removed from all players affected by EMP.
Zenyatta - EMP does not remove Zenyatta's Transcendance and therefore remains active during its full duration.
Mercy - Caduceaus Staff is still active and can be switched in-between modes despite being hit by the EMP blast.
Ana -
Nano Boost remains active.
Symmmetra - Teleporter is not disabled by EMP.

What do you think of Sombra's EMP? Do you also consider it as one of the most overpowered abilities in Overwatch? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below!

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