‘Attack On Titan’ Chapter 87 Recap: Kruger Demonstrates How To Use A Titan’s Power

"Attack On Titan" chapter 87 showed how Kruger uses a Titan's Power. Meanwhile, the Erudian soldiers are feeding their enemies to the Titans. Grisha's life is luckily spared but he was tortured later in the chapter.

This Is A Background For The Current Chapter

In the previous chapter, Grisha and Faye were able to enter a prohibited area. They witnessed an airship landing but two armed men saw them and began their approach. One of the armed soldiers beats Grisha while the other soldier snatches Faye from his brother. The armed guard tells Grisha that they will bring his sister home.

However, when he gets home, Faye was not there. He immediately tells his parents and they searched for Faye. Finally, they found her dead body along the riverside. This caused Grisha to join an organization that fights the Erudian government. This is where he meets his wife Donna with whom he has borne a child, Zeke.

This Is A Recap Of Chapter 87

"Attack On Titan" chapter 87 starts with Grisha regretting all the things he had done to Zeke, However, it was already too late since the Marleys had totally brainwashed Zeke to the extent that he exposed his parent's membership in the Eldian Revivalists. Zeke did this in exchange for his security and his grandparent's.

Grisha was tortured in the most inhumane way possible. The soldiers cut nearly all his fingers in trying to get important information on the whereabouts of the Night Owl, the shadow leader of the revivalists. A lot of things then transpired in the characters of "Titan."

Later on in "Attack On Titan" chapter 87, Grisha refuted the claim of Klaus. He said that the Marley's gave a wrong picture of the glorious history of Eldian. This caused Klaus to push Grisha over the wall.

But a hand pushed the soldier. That hand belongs to Kruger. And then Kruger created a 3MM titan that ate Klaus. Grisha realizes who Kruger really is. Then Gruger slashes his hands and said to Grisha: "Remember this well, Grisha. This is how you use a Titan's power."

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