Pokemon Sun And Moon Update: Starters, Ultra Beasts Stats Leaked

After a couple of detail leaks about the hyped Pokemon Sun and Moon a month ago and now, another massive data mined info were just unveiled. Note: it's not even Nov. 18 yet and we have all these Sun and Moon spoilers.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Data Mined Leak

Yes, we already have an idea that the upcoming 3DS game will feature Ultra Beasts, Legendaries, and Alola forms as the previous leaks posted tons of pictures and even gameplay details. But to those who want to know more about Pokemon Sun and Moon, don't say we didn't warn you!

Pokemon Sun and Moon Stats

Remember the Pokemon Sun and Moon leaker last month who helped uncover info buried deep into the game demo, Youtuber Kaphotics? Apparently, he's back with more Sun and Moon leaks and this time, they're a lot more juicy. His new videos reveal stats for every Pokemon - starter types, Legendaries, and even the mysterious Ultra Beasts. Check out the Pokemon stats list here.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Starters

Rowlet is a grass/flying type Starter Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon. He starts off with poor speed of just 42 but after it evolves into Dartrix, it gets better attack and defense stats, but still lagging speed. Its final evolution is Decidueye where its speed will boost to 70 and its attack up to 107.

Starter Pokemon Litten is a fire-type cat that already comes with a speed of 70 and a 65 attack. Litten will evolve into Torracat where its attack will reach to 85 and a 90 speed. Litten's final evolution in Pokemon Sun and Moon will be Incineroar with an attack of 115 but speed drops to 60.

The third Pokemon starter in Pokemon Sun and Moon is the adorable sea lion named Popplio. It starts with weak stats (HP, attack, defense, speed) but will gradually increase as it evolves into Brionne and then as Primarina, its final evolution.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Ultra Beasts

Another Pokemon Sun and Moon leak reveals the Ultra Beasts stats. Ultra Beast Nihiligo, known as UB-01, is a Poison/Rock Type which has an awesome HP of 109 and 127 special attack and 131 special defense.

Buzzwole, or UB-02 Absorption, comes with equal attack and defense of 139. It's a Bug/Fighting type Pokemon. Another Bug/Fighting type is UB-02 Beauty or better known as Pheromosa. It prides itself with high attack and speed stats.

Xurkitree is an Electric type and carries a very high special attack stat. The Pokemon Sun and Moon Ultra Beast that has the most balanced stats is Celesteela, a Steel/Flying type. Its only downside is its low speed.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Kartana is a Grass/Steel Ultra Beast has a base attack of 181 but it comes with a decreased HP and special defense. On the other hand, the Dark/Dragon type, Guzzlord has the highest HP with 223. Lastly, Necrozoma is the only Psychic type and the only Ultra Beast that comes without the Beast Boost ability. However, it has a Prism Armor which reduces attack damage.

Pokemon Sun and Moon leaks overwhelming you? Better get your hands on the games then on Nov. 18 exclusive for the Nintendo 3DS.

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