Will Niantic Add A Candy Generator To Pokemon GO?

With the recent updates Niantic released for Pokemon GO, it's only right for players to anticipate more features in the future. After all, these sort of things have long been promised by the studio -- though no release dates were ever announced. One of these supposed new features is the so-called Candy Generator. And if it ever gets released, this is how it's going to work.

According to Otakukart, the concept behind the aforementioned Pokemon GO feature would be quite similar to the one found in Call of Duty. The latter introduces its very own Supply Drop, which, as the name suggests, provides an amount of supplies to players. In layman's term, it's some sort of candy machine.

In Pokemon GO, effort is required for players to generate candies (or acquire, in a sense). But of course, there are those who are just lazy to undergo the process. Hence it would really be useful to own or be able to utilize a Candy Generator. It simplifies the work, so to speak.

One of the things Pokemon GO players usually worry about is the required amount of candies to evolve a particular creature. This is where the gameplay becomes a bit more about consuming time, waiting for the required quantity to be achieved. But hey, this is where the aforesaid feature could come very handy.

The Pokemon GO Candy Generator (or whatever name the devs decide to use) could be accessible in various PokeStops or shops. Players will have the capability of choosing which kind of candy they'll purchase. And of course, it may require them to use the game's currency or real-time money. Or perhaps, Niantic can put out a certain quests so as to get free access to it for a period of time. Sky's the limit indeed.

It's safe to say that having such feature in Pokemon GO is really helpful. It makes the gameplay a bit more interesting than before. Because, at least, players have the option to carry out simpler processes. Nonetheless, this can only be possible through Niantic's decision -- if the studio ever wants to add it.

What do you think about a Candy Generator in Pokemon GO? Do you think it'll be a great addition to the game? What are your expectations if this is to be added? Let us know what you think at the comment section below!

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