Pokemon GO Update On New Features, Ditto And Gen 2 Release Date

Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update: Possible Region-Locked Pokemon Revealed
Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update: Possible Region-Locked Pokemon Revealed Photo : Twintendo/YouTube

It looks like the things every Pokemon GO player has been waiting for are finally coming true. First on the list, Ditto is likely to arrive anytime soon. Second and most importantly, new information about Gen 2 update has surfaced online. And take note: these have been datamined from a certain code brought by the latest update. It didn't only reveal the possible new features, it also gave the community a heads-up of the nicest things to come. But before we go to the cool stuff, let's talk first about a couple of things.

A New Pokemon GO Move

A new Pokemon GO move is believed to be arriving to the game, and it's something that Niantic has already started working. It's deemed to be a quick move or sort, one that's opposed to the usual charge/special move. Specifically, Transform appeared on both the GAME_MASTER file and the APK code itself. It's the first ever new move addition likely to be added to the game since the official launching.

100 New Pokemon GO Monsters

The list includes the likes of Chikorita and Celebi, though nothing specific about the other Pokemon GO creatures have been unraveled. Also, any information pertaining to these Pokemon's moveset has yet to appear to these 100 species. A certain client-side patch or update is needed, nonetheless, for these to appear in the game's official server.

The Pokemon GO Lockout System

Also in the datamined Pokemon GO code, a new system seems to be on its way. It's the so-called the Lockout System. The idea is to basically act as an anti-gym-sniping (hence the word lockout). As the name suggests, whenever a player is locked out, a new error message will appear. More of this system is said to appear as soon as the next major update nears its release date.

Ditto In Pokemon GO

Many Pokemon GO theorists suggest that Ditto is actually part of the game already. While this can be true, it should still be taken as a grain of salt. Why? That's because in the aforementioned file, it doesn't include any date about the aforesaid Pokemon. Let alone the particular moveset (Transform in particular) of the creature. Currently, what dataminers have is the monster's Struggle skill, thus they believe it's the main move. So, in a sense, Transform might not be its special skill. Instead, it'll work as an occurrence sort of thing. That it'll only be performed whenever Ditto enters a gym for combat.

Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update

Unfortunately, nothing can be ferreted out in terms of the certain move set of the new Pokemon GO creatures in Gen 2. Heck, these moves haven't even found themselves in the code. Nonetheless, this could mean that a client-side change or update (same as the aforementioned) is required beforehand. So, in one way or another, this will require a couple of weeks or months. Or perhaps, Niantic will make this happen sometime next year. However, with everything that's happening - particularly the datamined information - players are just a few steps from the highly anticipated update.

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What are your thoughts on the supposed new Pokemon GO features and moveset? How about Ditto's upcoming existence and the arrival of Gen 2 update? What are your expectations? Be sure to share to us your answers at the comment section below!

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