Titanfall 2 Guide: Titan Classes, Loadouts And Abilities

Titanfall 2 Guide: Titan Classes, Loadouts And Abilities
Confused which Titan to choose? Read our comprehensive Titanfall 2 guide to their classes and abilities. Photo : Photo by Titanfall Official/YouTube

Titanfall 2 is bringing back the Titans with all-new mechanics. Instead of letting players customize their own from three chassis, Respawn has incorporated six pre-made classes. Each class has four abilities and a main weapon that complements its role. Not sure which one is right for you? Here is a comprehensive guide to all Titan classes:

Titanfall 2 Titan Guide: Ion Class

Ion is an energy-based chassis. Focused on lasers, this Titan class has the Splitter Rifle as its primary weapon. It is an energy rifle that can fire rapidly and shoot charged fire when infused with additional energy.

The Titanfall 2 Ion class' core ability is called the Laser Core, which shoots a huge laser beam from the Titan's chest. Its defensive ability, Vortex Shield, absorbs enemy attacks and fires them back. The absorbed enemy fire can also be used to charge up the core, per Inverse.

The tactical ability Tripwire lays out laser-active traps, which can be used to slow down enemy movements. Lastly, the ordnance-type ability called Laser Shot also shoots out a beam from the shoulders.

Titanfall 2 Titan Guide: Scorch Class

The Scorch class is one of the biggest Titans in Titanfall 2, according to PCGamesN. It is a good choice for pushing enemies into traps, but also for pulling them out of hiding. This class is all about fire, which can be used for both offense and defense.

The T-203 Thermite Launcher would be your primary weapon. It is a single-shot gun that burns enemies as it strikes them. The core ability is Flame Core, which releases a wave of fire that deals a huge amount of damage to anything in its path. For defense, there is the Heat Shield that melts incoming artillery while also damaging nearby enemies.

The Incendiary Trap distributes gas canisters that can be triggered to release waves of fire. On the other hand, the Firewall ability shoots out a wall of fire in the enemy's direction.

Titanfall 2 Titan Guide: Ronin Class

Designed for hit and run, the Ronin class is nimble and fast, but it is best that they do not stay in range of other enemies. It uses a sword, but it also comes with the Leadwall shotgun that fires massive shells.

Sword Core boosts the broadsword's ability and opens it up to an array of techniques while the Sword Block is for defense. It reduces the damage and can be put up indefinitely.

To help the Titanfall 2 Ronin escape from enemies, the tactical ability Phase Dash allows it to phase out to another dimension. It can be used to avoid enemy fire or to surprise them. Lastly, Arc Wave emits electric waves by swinging its sword, which can damage and slow down enemies.

Titanfall 2 Titan Guide: Tone Class

Tone is about destroying enemy lines by explosion. The 40mm Tracker Cannon, which should be familiar to Titanfall players, is a semi-automatic rifle that bathes a target with explosive rounds. The slower weapon is no hindrance, since it can be partnered up with the class' other explosive abilities.

Your Salvo Core ability releases a barrage of homing missiles to a locked target, but they can be guided in-flight. The defensive ability Particle Wall is a barrier deployed in front of Tone, which the Titan can shoot through.

Instead of traps, its tactical ability Sonar Lock reveals enemies through walls and partially locks on to them. Then there is the Tracker Rockets ordnance ability that bombards a fully locked-on target with missiles.

Titanfall 2 Titan Guide: Legion Class

Another enormous Titan, the Legion class focuses on projectiles. This class is best for controlling the map and defending with its main weapon Predator Cannon. It is an equally massive minigun that fires at the enemy continuously in both close- and long-range.

With the Smart Core ability, Legion's Predator Cannon automatically locks onto enemies within range. As for its defensive stance, the Gun Shield provides protection. The shield forms around the weapon, granting safety while on the move.

The Mode Switch tactical ability is useful for switching seamlessly between long- and close-range. The Power Shot, when used in close range, swiftly knocks back enemies. When used in long range, it deals damage to enemies in its path.

Titanfall 2 Titan Guide: Northstar Class

Lastly, we have the Northstar class, which acts as the sniper in Titanfall 2. Its light weight and small body enables it to fly to retreat back to a safe place, as it is more useful at a distance. The Plasma Railgun is your weapon. It is a rifle that can be charged to shoot a much larger fire.

The Flight Core ability deploys missiles from above to targets below while the Tether trap is a defensive ability that has mines lock onto enemy targets. Opponents will be immobilized for a while, which allows the Northstar to flee.

The Northstar can fly using the VTOL Hover jetpack. The Cluster Missile, its ordnance ability, deals explosions on a specific area.

Which Titan is the best for you? Titanfall 2 can be played on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. For first time players, read some tips from Respawn itself here.

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