Why Niantic Might Drop Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update This Winter

Pokemon Go Gen 2 Update: Starter Pokemon Models Leaked
Pokemon Go Gen 2 Update: Starter Pokemon Models Leaked Photo : WatchMojo.com/YouTube

Almost all Pokemon GO players know that Niantic will release Gen 2 update. And not just that, they somehow have knowledge of what it'll bring (more Pokemon and stuff, yeah). Heck, various rumors even have them believed on how this update will be dropped. As interesting as it can, it's not really when fans have no idea when it'll be released. Because really, how soon is soon?

In a recent Pokemon GO update, The Silph Road -- a Reddit community for the game -- has datamined a couple of interesting codes and information. In one way or another, it leads to Ditto being found. Apart from that, it also suggests that a good number of 100 Pokemon was already added. All of these, with fingers crossed, could come down as soon as Gen 2 update arrives.

If the aforementioned data really means something for Pokemon GO, then it's safe to think that Niantic is close to releasing the big update. That possibly they're working on making it a possibility, only that things are being kept behind-the-scenes.

What's even more interesting? Pokemon GO has acquired new updates and features in the last few weeks or so. The game now has a Buddy System and whatnot. Or perhaps, the most recent one to note is the Halloween event. What's the common denominator of them all? Well, it's the fact that lots of players have played the game again. And according to Forbes, it made Niantic's hit augmented reality game the most loved app in the world -- once again.

Regardless of all of these, I must say that the studio is really looking to release Pokemon GO Gen 2 update during Winter. Now, before we deeper into that, let's note that during this season, we can expect another form of event. You know, just like the recent one during Halloween. However, there's that idea of making it a big reveal. How and why?

First and foremost, many enthusiasts have speculated that the Winter season is one of the reasons Pokemon GO will go dead cold (no pun intended). One is due to the weather. That due to it, it's almost impossible for players to even think of going outside and capturing a Pokemon. But wait, this could also be the main reason why Niantic will opt to release Gen 2 during that time.

Think about it: in order for the company to counter the possible decline of Pokemon GO users that time (because it's really, really possible), it's a good idea to bring in something to the table. What better way will it be? Well, by releasing Gen 2 -- the most highly anticipated update of all time. And viola, players are back out there catching those Pokemon, never minding the coldness of the weather. Think about all the Legendary Pokemon and stuff, who wouldn't want to have them, right?

Of course, it might seem to be a silly idea, and some Pokemon GO players might hate it. But hey, the game is Niantic's business, and as the owner, you wouldn't want the cash to stop from flowing. Sure, you can think of dropping an event instead. But really, will it be enough? I really don't think so. My wild guess is that it's going to be Gen 2 update. You know, give the community an offer they can't refuse.

What are your thoughts on Pokemon GO Gen 2 update being released during winter? Do you think Niantic will move forward with that? If not, when do you think will this update be released? Let us know what your thoughts are at the comment section below!

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