Pokemon GO Thanksgiving Event: What To Expect

By Alvin Elfwine , Nov 11, 2016 04:40 AM EST
Know which Pokemon candies every trainer should save up from now on for Pokemon Go Gen 2. (Photo : Pokémon GO / YouTube)

The most recent Pokemon GO event was during Halloween. And now, Niantic is set to release yet another -- the Thanksgiving event, that is. Although this is completely a new one, fans can expect the studio to offer the same kind of intensity (or perhaps, even better). With the aforesaid new event being days away, it's interesting to see what kind of stuff it's going to offer. Well, let's get started.

Pokemon GO Thanksgiving Event Release Date

Obviously, Niantic will see to it that the aforementioned Pokemon GO event will be aligned to Thanksgiving. So, in a sense, players can expect it to arrive on Nov. 24. Or, most likely, days before that. Either way, it's definitely coming. After all, the studio reaped a good amount of revenue in the Halloween event. Hence it's only understandable for them to introduce a new one.

New Spawns In Pokemon GO Thanksgiving

Similar to the Halloween event, the upcoming Pokemon GO event will absolutely offer new sets of spawns. Reports have it that most likely, the feathered Pokemon are likely to take the center stage during this activity. Players can expect the likes of PsyDuck, Fearow, Golduck, Spearow and even Slowpoke. But of course, there's certainly more to these spawns and stuff.

Bonuses And Goodies In Pokemon GO Thanksgiving

According to SlashGear, Niantic might do the same strategy with the Pokemon GO Thanksgiving event. For instance, the sets of modifications the studio did to the recently concluded event will be replicated in the upcoming one. From the increase of spawns and bonus items all the way to the simplified requirements for Buddy Pokemon system. Moreover, the studio might decide to offer tons of interesting items and stuff. Think about the quantity of candies and eggs being offer, all of which will bring something to the table.

Buddy System In Pokemon GO Thanksgiving

It's been rumored that the requirements for Pokemon GO Buddy System will significantly change -- at least for the aforesaid event. In one way or another, it might be similar to the way the company did it with Halloween event. In fact, there are talks about these changes becoming permanent as soon as the forthcoming event completes.

Expect More Pokemon GO Events

The Halloween event became a solid template for all the future Pokemon GO events. Thanks to its success, it proved just how active players can become when such is introduced. Besides, they should be, with the amount of perks offered, it's a huge treat to expereince. This could also signal another event in the future -- particularly on December. Well, this is deemed as the Winter or Holiday event. Either way, it's really shaping to be an interesting one.

Simply put, Niantic is starting to make Pokemon GO a little bit more interesting than before. It's worth noting that in the past, fans have been clamoring for the studio to introduce interesting events and/or activities. Sure enough, the decision to do it in Halloween proved to be a success.

What are your thoughts on the Pokemon GO Thanksgiving event? What are your expectations? Are you excited for it? Be sure to share us your thoughts at the comment section below!

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