Expect These 5 Pokemon GO Monsters To Evolve In Gen 2

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Pokemon Go Update: Max CP Chart From Gen 1-7 Revealed Photo : Aqua Ignite / YouTube

One of the things Pokemon GO players are really excited about is the release of the Gen 2 update. It's where new types of Pokemon -- be it rare or not -- are expected to be introduced. While the thought of it is enough to hype up the community, Niantic isn't quick to reveal anything about it. Nevertheless, that doesn't mean players won't know what sort of creatures will be included. So, stock up your candies and prepare yourself -- these are the 5 monsters expected to evolve once the aforesaid update arrives!

Eeevee In Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update

Obviously, this should be part of the evolutions in the forthcoming Pokemon GO Gen 2 update. After all, Eevee is synonymous to lots of evolutions and stuff. In the first gen, Niantic was smart enough to put in clues, giving players hint on how to evolve the Pokemon. In the second update, though, it's expected to embrace only two evos --- namely, Espeon and Umbreon.

Umbreon is the Pokemon GO creature's dark-type form. Espeon, on the other hand, is its psychic-type. The two, unfortunately, are said to veer away from Easter Eggs -- something that were present on Jolteon, Flareon and Vaporeon. But hey, anything can happen. And it's up to Niantic to sort things out.

Crobat In Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update

Almost all Pokemon GO players will agree that Zubat is one of the most disliked creatures in the game. Many are not just fond of catching it, though not all of the trainers. However, if you're able to get its evolution -- Crobat -- it's a totally different story to tell. It's said that in order to achieve such evolution in the next gen update, players will have to prepare at least 100 Zubat candies. That's too much, right? Well, it's actually worth it!

Politoed In Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update

Lots of Pokemon GO theorists believe that a total of 100 Poliwag candies are needed in order to achieve Politoed. Nonetheless, this is also said to be the same amount required to reach the evolution to Poliwrath from Poliwhirl. Well, who really cares about the candy amount if the result is astonishing? Anyway, it's worth noting that the aforesaid Pokemon evolution -- Politoed -- is deemed as a pure water-type specie.

Slowking In Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update

If talking about the most interesting monsters in Pokemon GO, there's no doubt that Slowpoke and Slowbro are an epitome. Nevertheless, the former's evolution, which is Slowking, is more than that actually. It's worth mentioning that thanks to the Shellder (attaches itself to the Pokemon's head), the creature's IQ tends to grow exponentially. So yeah, it could just be smartest specie to ever grace the Pokemon land. As for its evolution, you might need at least 50 Slowpoke candies.

Steelix In Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update

In the world of Pokemon GO (if Gen 2 update arrives, let's say), Steelix is deemed to be the first steel-type creature. This steel and ground expert specie is equipped with one of the highest defense stats in the game, making it a lethal weapon in gym battles. And with how rare Onix is in the game, you might just want to start collecting candies right now. That's because you'll at least need 50 of them in order to acquire the evolution.

What are your thoughts on Pokemon GO Gen 2 update? How about the aforementioned evolutions? What are your expectations for the second generation? Be sure to share us what you're thinking at the comment section below!

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