Dead Rising 4 Surprise: 10 New Things To Expect

By Benjie Batanes , Nov 12, 2016 04:30 AM EST

Dead Rising 4 is coming out on Dec. 6, 2016. Players in this fourth installment will be surprised by the changes made in the game since the previous one.

Frank West will have a new voice in Dead Rising 4. The voice actor for the previous installment, Terence J. Rotolo will no longer play the part in the game. Second ,there are no more time restrictions in Dead Rising 4. Game developer Capcom probably removed the time limit due to the various mini games it has added in this fourth installment. However, the game's DLC will have time limits.

Third, PlayStation owners will be disappointed to know that Dead Rising 4 will be a Microsoft Exclusive for at least one year. Fourth, this upcoming game cannot be played anywhere despite earlier Microsoft promises. Play anywhere means that players can access the game through their various devices that use Windows 10 OS.

Fifth, your favorite character will be allowed wear any clothes or craft any items you want. The various costumes, items and vehicles can also allow players to wipe out zombies in a variety of ways. Sixth, Frank is a photographer by profession and Capcom is gracious enough to let him capture magical moments in the game through selfie mode.

Seventh, Dead Rising 4 is bringing in new kinds of Zombies that are stronger and smarter than the average zombie. Eight, there will be a multiplayer option for the game, specifically 4-player co-op. This will make exploring the big game's world a lot faster and enjoyable. However, time restrictions will now apply in this mode.

Ninth, the sheer amount of Zombies coming at you will be the largest group yet compared to the previous versions. And finally, the best thing about Dead Rising 4 is the fact that it's not a reboot but a continuation of the story from the previous installment.

Dead Rising 4 is developed by Capcom Vancouver and will be first available in Xbox One, followed by Windows PC and PlayStation 4 one year after the Microsoft timed exclusive ends.

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