Dragon Ball Super 67 Spoilers And Episode 66 Recap: Vegito Defeated Zamasu; Zeno Appears To Conceal Zamasu

Exciting Episode 66 finally showed us a Vegeta and Goku fusion and Zamasu evidently has a weakness. Is the ultimate battle coming to an end? Tune in for an episode 65 recap and spoilers for Dragon Ball Super 67.

Zamasu's Meltdown And Rising Again; Weaknesses Of Half-Immortality Revealed

Episode 66 Goku learns something after he unleashed Kamehameha Wave to Zamasu. Goku concentrates his power to damage Zamasu and weaken him. Half of Zamasu's face melts and turns purple while his right arm almost detached after receiving it confidently.

Zamasu rises again, full of fury. Gowasu reveals "only half is immortal being that Black's body belongs to a human" that when Black and Zamasu merged. This will perhaps to be Zamasu's weakness and Goku is going to use this against him.

VEGITO - Goku decided that he and Vegeta should fuse to become stronger than Zamasu. They borrowed the Supreme Kai's Potara earrings and begins their fusion. Gowasu explains the fusion will only last for an hour since they are not Supreme Kais. How will they beat Zamasu in time?

 As soon as Zamasu sees Vegito, he got so mad as they have been emitting the power of gods. He reasserts his mission to rid of all mortals to build his new world. Meanwhile, Bulma finishes all the repairs needed on the time machine. Trunks decides to join the fight once more.

Despite their conclusive attempts, Vegito's fusion wears off. Just-a-nick-of-time Trunks arrives and saves his father and friend. Using his new Super Saiyan form, he can repair his broken sword. With this, he is also able to create a spirit bomb along with his sword and energy. He stabs Zamasu and cuts him in half as he defeat Zamasu.

New Episode Bids Farewell To Trunks?

The next new episode is titled "Fill Your Heart with New Hope! Farewell Trunks" and will be aired on November 20.

The summary goes like thid: "Will they be able to protect the future? The final battle with Zamasu! Humanity is powered by hope; Trunks strikes back at Zamasu! But while Zamasu was supposed to be defeated, he instead loses his physical body, and begins spreading out and covering the sky!"

In Goku's misery, Goku will use the call-button Zeno gave him. Zeno will appear in Dragon Ball Super 67 and conceal Zamasu for good. 

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