'Westworld' Spoilers & Update: Jeffrey Wright Spills The Beans On The Most Awaited 'Westworld' Reveal

By Kristen Hortaleza , Nov 14, 2016 03:03 PM EST

"Westworld" fans are in for a surprise as Jeffrey Wright unveils big plot points from the show's episode 7. Entitled as "Trompe L'Oeil," viewers will be shocked with the recent news on engineer Bernard Lowe's character.

This particular "Westworld" episode 7 spoiler involves Bernard being fired from his post due to the park's corporation political agendas. He then takes his lover Theresa to Dr. Robert Ford's secret place to tell her about the schemes that the doctor has going on. Bernard then tells Theresa that the longer time he spends working there makes him understand the hosts and that the only thing that confuses him are humans.

Theresa then steps into a lab that Bernard has not been programmed to see. The newly discovered place contains designs for a host that is exactly his companion's dupe. Dr. Ford enters the scene and eventually changes Bernard from a caring and sentient person into a violent killer that came after Theresa as his victim.

In an interview with Jeffrey Wright, he revealed that he only found out about the twist after shooting the pilot episode. That was the time when they were to start doing the beginning of episode 2. It was when Lisa Joy, one of the show's co-creators, pulled him into an office and told him all the secrets that he realized how complicated Bernard's character was.

According to the "Westworld" star, the twist seems to remain a secret among some on the set and cast members. Wright could not contain his excitement to see everyone's reaction to the story's plot.

"I'm excited for everyone's response. We shot the pilot for this show almost as long ago as Westworld itself has been open. It's been a long time getting to the point where we could share this with an audience, and frankly, we love being a part of this thing. The final layer is inviting an audience to share our fairly mild obsession."

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