'Westworld' Episode 6 Spoilers & Updates: 'The Adversary' Promo Video Released; Hosts Finally Realize They Are Robots

HBO has released a sneak peek for "Westworld" episode 6 immediately after its fifth episode aired on Oct. 30. "The Adversary" promo video has been incredibly telling, teasing fans as to how one of the hosts, Maeve (Thandie Newton), finally discovers the truth about Westworld and her being.

"Westworld" episode 5 ended with Maeve walking up at the center of a control room in Westworld where she confronted Felix and demanded a conversation. From there, it was already clear that the host already has a clear idea about what she is made of, and in the coming episode 6, Maeve will finally crack the secret of Sweetwater.

As it was already revealed in the previous episodes, the hosts in Westworld are only robots installed in dead bodies rather than metal sheets, since Ford believes such androids are cheaper. While the hosts have been robbed out of their memories, several of them have grown suspicious of their being. The episode 6 trailer reveals how Maeve uses what she learned to get an upgrade.

"It's a difficult thing, realizing your entire life is some hideous fiction," Maeve said in the trailer. "It's all a story created by you to keep us here...I'd like to make some changes," she continued as Felix, the Delos tech, uploads the changes on her. The change she requested was not revealed, but she was later on seen wearing a Delos uniform which sparked theories that she is about to start a breakout.

"The Adversary" promo video also heavily featured the Man in Black getting more obsessed of the maze. Teddy continues to guide him saying, "the maze itself is the sum of a man's life... The choices he makes, the dreams he hangs on to, it's an old native myth." Also from the trailer, Ford can be heard saying he won't allow anyone take the park from him. Fans are then fast to speculate that all the gun firings seen from the trailer are in reference to the step of the adversaries of Ford, which include the Man in Black, the ghost of Arnold, and now even Maeve is predicted to be a threat to the doctor.

Meanwhile, Dolores is seen struggling with her visions, as she tells herself, "It's like I'm trapped in a dream or a memory from a life long ago." This continues her surges of memories from the previous episode where she had been professing some pieces of her past coming back to her consciousness. With this, it is believed that the character will be shifting into a different persona and will continue to create her own reality through the patches of her memories.

More revelations are promised to come out in the upcoming "Westworld" episode 6 which will air on HBO on Sunday, Nov. 6.

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