GTA V Tips And Tricks: Secret Horror Scene At The FIB Office; How To Activate Secret Sequence

A new secret horror scene in 'GTA 5' have been discovered by a player. The secret sequence is said to creep the player out as weird noises are heard while exploring the FIB office on the 49th floor at night. From toilets flushing on its own, printer operating by itself even there is no one there and keyboards clicking as if someone is there typing.

How to Activate the Secret Sequence

The secret sequence cannot be played in single player mode. It is accessed via the custom map R* in multiplayer option. Then the player must enter the room alone and only during 11:00 AM. After that, head to the locked office floor, 49th, through teleporting and get ready to experience one of the most terrifying scenes a player can find in an action adventure game like 'GTA 5'.

Other Scary Secrets in 'GTA 5'

Among the many secrets found in the game, the UFO and The Shining sequence is probably the creepiest ones. Getting to play Jack Nicholson's character is actually good but reliving the scenes from the scary movie "The Shining" is a different story. In the scene, you are given access to the same weapon Jack Nicholson used and visit places that resemble the scariest scenes from the movie.

In another event, 'GTA 5' released other unlockable characters like Big Foot and actors from Teen Wolf. Although they're not as scary as a UFO sighting, Jack Nicholson's horror movie or the recent hauntings in FIB's 49th floor, it gives the player unique gameplay as they explore NPC's reaction when playing these characters.

 'GTA 5' is also known to surprise their players with secret weapons, unlockable features, and many secret items. Just last October, the Halloween update included a skull bike, unlockable Halloween t-shirt, and much more.

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