Google Play Music Versus Spotify: Which Is Better?

Admit it or not, music plays a vital role in our mood. It can uplift us and it can just destroy our mood (especially if it's a genre we don't like or music from a singer we don't particularly like). This is why Google is presenting a new feature for the Google Play Music to cater to our mood.

What Is The New Feature Of Google Play Music?

According to a written article at Tech Crunch, Google has launched a new feature of the Google Play Music that will recommend songs for the user based on his/her location and activity. For example, the new feature will now know if you're at home, work, traveling down the road, at the gym, etc. And based on that, Google Play Music will send you a list of songs to fit your mood or your current activity.

What Google Aims For Its New Feature Of Google Play Music

One of the most well-known apps that feature the same approach is Spotify and Apple Music. Supposedly, the new feature of Google will rival what Spotify and Apple Music has to offer and even more. About what other features that the Google Play Music will offer to make it more user-friendly is unknown. But Google if confident that their new feature will be the number one go-to app that the general public will use.

For those who have yet to know what Spotify is and its uses, here is a brief description:

Getting Started And How To Use It

First, visit the Spotify website and sign-up. It is better to sign up instead with your Facebook account so that it will make it easier to find and follow friends, see what they are listening to and to share songs with them. Second is to choose a subscription level (Spotify Premium is a great choice, because if give you access to more features, is more flexible, and will connect with more devices). Third is to download and install the free Spotify application. And lastly, sign in your account and then you can finally start listening. To know more about Spotify, check Pocket-lint.

The Verdict

If Google Play Music's new feature really can do what it claims to be able to do, then it is better. However, it still needs to be tested by the general public if it can hold its ground. Until then, Spotify is the number one app that users use.

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