From Samsung Galaxy Note 7 To GoPro Karma Drone: Is 2016 Officially The Year Of Recalls?

2016 has about a month and half remaining and the year has seen some major recalls in the technology and consumer industry. Recalls this year, especially from Samsung, severely affected the company and the consumers. Various reports mentioned of several people injured and a handful of lawsuits.

The biggest tech recall of 2016 award should rightfully be given to Samsung. Only a few weeks after announcing its latest Galaxy Note 7 smartphone, the devices started to catch fire and explode. At first, the company stated that the problem is with the chargers. However, as the number of complaints started to grow, Samsung took things more seriously.

Samsung Note 7 Recall

After a few months, Samsung announced a complete recall of the Galaxy Note 7, asking all users to return the device. The company then started to provide replacements and even those started to explode. Finally, Samsung had to give up and apologize to the consumers.

One of the biggest smartphone manufacturers in the world took a lot of heat and had to apologize. That is bad, especially when it is a company like Samsung.

Samsung Washing Machine Recall

The South Korean company's woes did not end with the Note 7. Users of certain Samsung top-loading washing machine also started facing issues with their units. A total of 2.8 million washing machines were recalled across 34 different models. According to the Wall Street Journal, the tops of the washing machine would detach when in use.

GoPro Karma Drone Recall

Recently, GoPro also issued a recall for its newly announced Karma drone. As per a statement from the company, the drones would stop working mid-flight due to power failure. GoPro has sold around 2,500 drones and all of them would be recalled.

2016: The Year of Recalls

According to the Huffington Post, there have been many recalls in the automotive industry as well. Various vehicles from BMW, Subaru, Toyota and many other giant auto companies have been recalled this year. Further cementing 2016 as definitely a year of some major recalls and it has affected millions of users.

This year has been good for many and bad for many others. Samsung and GoPro are the biggest losers and the recalls definitely affected them in a bad way. Hopefully, the next year will be a good one for the companies and perhaps they will take the necessary changes to make their products safe to use.

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