Pokemon GO Is Starting To Boost Pokemon Sun And Moon's Popularity

Pokemon GO is just one of the most highly celebrated mobile games out there. Millions of players all over the world are jumping into the journey of becoming the very best. It's really inevitable if the forthcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon will also become a trend. Well, that's thanks to Niantic's hit augmented reality game.

Although Pokemon GO is among the most successful titles of today, it didn't really reach the kind of level Red and Blue got. And yes, this is even true to all Pokemon games ever released. However, with each debut and/or launching, millions of copies are being shipped worldwide. X and Y, in particular, is a living proof to that.

According to Forbes, Pokemon Sun and Moon is looking to surpass the achievements that Pokemon GO acquired. Heck, there's even a higher chance that it'll go over Red and Blue. As mentioned above, Niantic's title is starting to boost the popularity and profile of the forthcoming games. And there's every reason to believe this claim.

The publication suggests that though Pokemon GO became a standard in today's mobile gaming, it didn't really reach the very ends of players who are fond of previous Pokemon games. But of course, it still gave the brand a worldwide recognition. Nevertheless, with Pokemon Sun and Moon, things are going to be a bit different. That's simply because players have been longing to play a Pokemon game that's designed specifically for the series. In one way or another, fans are looking to play a fully-pledged Pokemon title.

Truth is, there's this general interest among Pokemon fans -- whether they're playing Pokemon GO or not. In fact, Niantic's mobile game has boosted the sales of the 3DS hardware. And what's even interesting? This happened during the first few months. The idea here is that PoGO is urging players to even play the games in the past or the ones that exist in the said platform. And sure enough, it's not that hard to think that it'll do the same with Pokemon Sun and Moon -- most especially that it's a new title.

It also holds true that Pokemon GO is starting to experience a huge decline in player pool. With the arrival of Winter season, this number is expected to spiral down. Because really, it's almost impossible for players to go outside and play on a cold, chilling weather. But with Pokemon Sun and Moon, there's no need for the outside world. Anyone can simply play the game in their couch or while riding a bus.

What are your thoughts on Pokemon GO? Do you agree that it's boosting the popularity of Pokemon Sun and Moon? What are your thoughts about these? Let us know what you think at the comment section below!

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