Pokemon GO Update: Gym Lockout Reduced Significantly, Fixes Connection Issues

Gym battles are among the things that make Pokemon GO an interesting game to play. However, there are players who find it frustrating midway through the process. That's because their GPS or internet connection tends to go loco the very moment they try to win it. Obviously, this is a bad thing to experience especially when trainers are only seconds away from getting the W. Well, it might be a thing in the past, considering the fact that Niantic has reduced the gym lockouts significantly.

According to Otakukart, some Pokemon GO trainers are reporting that gym lockouts have now been reduced to a whopping 3 minutes. This is really a great news, especially when the previous one (10 minutes) was a piece of work. While it doesn't entirely remove the burdening lockout, it's still good to know that the studio made a couple of changes to it.

It's no question that this will give leverage to Pokemon GO players who have poor connections. Or perhaps, those who experience tons of interferences whenever they're near or beside a gym. It's worth noting that many have been complaining about getting disconnected when they're trying to defeat gyms. Some even pointed out that this happens despite them not moving anywhere else. And what's even worse? Starting another battle is like a shot to the moon because of this issue.

It seems Niantic has finally noticed this glitch (for lack of better terms) in Pokemon GO. This has been an ongoing issue since time immemorial. And, as what many have thought, it was more of the system needing a quick improvement.

Apart from this, a new Pokemon GO setting was also added. From now on, players won't be locked out in every fight if, say, their internet connection gets a little messy. Instead, what the app will do is to wait until the current battle finishes. If, for whatever reason it may be, there's still no connection, that's the only time that the lockout will work. While this can still be annoying in one way or another, it's better than not having one.

What are your thoughts on this new lockout system added to Pokemon GO? What other sort of things Niantic needs to improve in this area? Share us what you think at the comment section below!

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