Why Niantic Banned Pokemon GO Third-Party Tracking Apps

Why Niantic Banned Pokemon GO Third-Party Tracking Apps
Niantic has explained why they had to resort on banning all of those third-party Pokemon GO tracking apps. Photo : wbangcaHD/YouTube

Many Pokemon GO players were disappointed when Niantic announced the removal of third-party tracking apps. Most of them see it as a way for the studio to come up with their very own system. Unfortunately, it was the other way around -- the game didn't even have its own (as of late). Or perhaps, it might have, but it isn't helping the players efficiently. In one way or another, the company actually has a good reasoning to offer.

According to Express, the developer of Pokemon GO Niantic has released a statement (via Mike Quigley) regarding its stand on banning tracking apps. The studio stated that these were only adding the issues they're experiencing server-side. That instead of pacifying the situation, it's only "crushing" them. So, in a sense, the company had to do what was necessary.

Pokemon GO tracking apps like PokeVision worked like a miracle. It helped players know the exact whereabouts of Pokemon, helping them make the process pretty much easier. Without these, it's almost impossible for one to determine the location of a specie. And this is exactly what's happening, as the current tracking system (if there's even one) of the game isn't working efficiently.

The decision to remove the third-party Pokemon GO tracking apps wasn't easy to make, as Quigley stated. After all, they're helping the community, and they want what's best for them. Unfortunately, it's a "tough balance" to make. That, regardless of the significance, they have to do so to keep the servers at working capability.

Quigley mentioned that as much as they want Pokemon GO fans to be happy, they want the product to remain accessible. He even pointed out that most of these server outages were merely "a punch in stomach." Judging by it, it's really an issue that needs utmost attention.

The Pokemon GO exec admitted that it caused chaos within the community. That somehow, though they don't want it to happen, many fans lost hope to the game. Because really, these apps were like heaven to them. However, since they have to do "right by the brand" -- as well as to both the players and Niantic -- it's a decision they must make.

The studio, nonetheless, stated that the Nearby feature will make these third-party Pokemon GO tracking apps useless. The forthcoming arrival of the aforesaid feature, as Quigley stated, will smooth things out. He also teased about the possibility of them releasing more info about Ditto and the rest of the Legendary Pokemon.

When asked about the status of the Pokemon GO Gen 2 update, Quigley rather veered away. He's possibly saying that this update might take a little bit longer than expected. Nevertheless, he admitted that these sort of things require a good amount of time in terms of testing. That it might take them weeks or months, thus giving an exact timeline is quite hard to do.

The latest feature Niantic added to Pokemon GO is called Daily Bonus. If players are able to meet certain requirements, multiple rewards are given. This happens on daily basis, as the name of the feature suggests.

What are your thoughts on Niantic removing the third-party Pokemon GO tracking apps? Do you think it was the right decision to make? Anything you can talk about Mike Quigley's statements? Share us what you're thinking at the comment section below!

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