Baby Pokemon, Battle System Coming To Pokemon GO This December?

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Pokemon GO might be one of the most popular mobile games of today, but it still lacks a couple of features. Most players believe that the title has lots to offer in the future, though it's really up to Niantic to do so. Among these possibilities are the existence of baby Pokemon, something that'll replace the process of hatching eggs. Also, let's take a closer look at the supposed PvP Battle System.

According to The Bitbag, there are speculations within the community that a new Pokemon GO feature will be introduced. Though there's no certainty (its release date in particular) or whatsoever, many believe that it's likely to happen. This basically refers to the possible arrival of baby Pokemon.

As the name suggests, this rumored Pokemon GO feature will include baby creatures. It's said to arrive in December, the month where another big update is expected to be unleashed. Through this feature, egg hatching will be a thing in the past. Players, if this becomes true, will now be getting baby Clefairy, baby Squirtle and baby Pikachu instead.

The possible reason for this Pokemon GO feature to exist is Niantic's decision to have the players enjoy the game with less hassle. Because seriously, hatching eggs is all about doing various efforts. The process is simple, yes, but it's a rigorous task to do. Think about the walking (and a bit of running) players will have to accomplish.

Pokemon GO babies, nevertheless, can be evolved. It'll probably require the use of candies or other sort of items. The latter in particular is something to look forward to, as the studio is rumored to introduce a couple of new stuff as well. As interesting as it sounds, there's still no telling if it's coming. Remember: the studio loves to keep things under wrap, and they're brilliantly doing it since then.

On the other side of the coin, another Pokemon GO feature worth mentioning is the PvP Battle System. In its most organic form, it'll allow players to battle other trainers and use Pokemon to get the W. This is among the features that the community have been clamoring for. After all, they're sick and tired of the typical gym battles.

The aforesaid Pokemon GO system also enables players to interact with other. It's worth noting that communication has been an issue in the game. Fans have no way of interacting with other players, something that's actually common in most games of today.

Just like the baby Pokemon, the Pokemon GO PvP Battle System is believed to arrive in December. The latter is the month where the possible update for the Winter event is said to be dropped. Or perhaps, the feature will be introduced alongside the Gen 2 update. Either that, things are really starting to look interesting for the hit augmented reality game.

As of this writing, Niantic has remained mum (as usual), never commenting on all the Pokemon GO rumors surfacing. The company, nonetheless, has promised that more features will be introduced in due time. So, as for now, players have to continue playing the waiting game.

What are your thoughts on baby Pokemon arriving to Pokemon GO? What are your expectations? What can you say about the PvP Battle System? Be sure to share us what your thoughts are at the comment section below!

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