Pokemon GO Update: How Tyranitar Can Affect Gym Battles

Talks about Gen 2 update coming to Pokemon GO is not something new to the fans. In fact, most of them are already anticipating its arrival next year (which most rumors suggest). It's worth noting that the aforesaid update will bring various changes to game -- particularly on how gym battles will be done. And sure enough, the forthcoming creature Tyranitar will be a key factor to that.

According to Otakukart, the aforementioned Pokemon GO monster will be one of those species that will bring diversity to the game. That as soon as Gen 2 update arrives, players can expect a whole new kind of gameplay. But what exactly does this Pokemon offer to the table?

In its most organic form, Tyranitar will be the type of Pokemon GO creature that's equipped with good attack strategy. It'll even be a great counter to most of the typical monsters for defending gyms. From Snorlax to Dragonite to Lapras to Slowbro to Exeggutor, they will finally have a worthy opponent. Or perhaps, they will have an interesting mate.

Tyranitar is deemed as a dark/rock type Pokemon GO specie. This alone will give the creature a very formidable form of defense. And obviously, players would want to capture it, as it can help them win big those gym battles.

However, with its type, it can be easily defeated by the likes of Vaporeon in Pokemon GO. This is solely for the reason that it's a rock type. But still, despite that, this Pokemon is a great contender to deploy in gyms. It'll definitely give the fight a new perspective.

Tyranitar will also be a good counter for Dragonite in Pokemon GO. As for Lapras, it can be a make and break. After all, the water/ice type Pokemon is known for being a creature that barely has counters or whatnots. But hey, who knows really. Niantic might have something up in their sleeves, and players will probably notice it once Gen 2 update arrives.

What are your thoughts on Pokemon GO Gen 2 update? How about Tyranitar being introduced to the game? What are your expectations? Be sure to share us what you think at the comment section below!

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