Elder Scrolls Online Free Weekend Starts Today Until November 21

Bethesda is offering Elder Scrolls Online from today until Nov. 21. This gives the opportunity to those who have not played the game yet to try it out. As announced, the game will be available for PS4, PC and Mac users. The free game is soon to be available on Xbox One but there is no definite date when will it be. 

Elders Scrolls Online Free Game Starts Today And Has Perks

According to PC Gamer, Elder Scrolls Online will be free after the rocky start of the game. The developer wants to let its players enjoy one of the best MMOs in the market. The preload is already available on Steam. Elder Scrolls Online on PS4 does not require PlayStation Plus. However, for Xbox One, the game requires a membership on Live Gold in order to enjoy the free opportunity offered by the developer.

Once the player is signed up for the free Elder Scrolls Online, he is guaranteed to unlimited access of MMO's Tamriel unlimited base game and 500 crowns that can be used on Crown store in the game. Whatever progress made in the game can be transferred to the full version of the game, should players decide to buy it.

The Elder Scrolls Online free game will also give winners a chance to join in a raffle with all expense paid to the places that inspired the game's venues such as Alps, Africa, Machu Pichu, Morocco and New Zealand. As part of of the celebration of the free weekend of the game, other versions of the game and Crown packs will be discounted from Nov. 24 up to Nov. 28.

How Bethesda Used Elders Scrolls Online: Orsinium DLC Pack As Basis Of Improvement?

According to MMORPG, Orsinium is very important in Elder Scrolls Online. But Bethesda managed to upgrade the next game by making the cities alive than before. This means that the players can roam the streets and areas without boring themselves.

Next, on Elder Scrolls Online One Tamriel, the level of the game is easier to identify than Orsinium. Also, the DLC packs are available to all. The third difference is that the story is easier to understand and is more focused than before.

The fourth improvement is the importance given to Orcs. Lastly, the level scaling has new zones that include multiple types. This means that combination of solo PvE storyline, challenging World Bosses and public dungeons. These improvements based from Orsinium made One Tamriel even better than its predecessors.

Bethesda made sure that Elder Scrolls Online One Tamriel will be appreciated and well-marketed by letting the game free for players. This latest strategy will make sure that players will notice how different the game will be compared to the other DLC packs.

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