Autonomous Car Cyber Security: New Protection From Argus

By Jeff Roxas , Nov 16, 2016 05:09 PM EST

These days, Smart or Autonomous cars are an innovation that most of us can truly enjoy these days. Being able to feel relax and leave the car on autopilot and let it drive itself while the driver enjoys the views is something that everyone should get to experience. The beauty of this technology lies in its computer, and so does its vulnerabilities.

The Cause Of Concern With Autonomous Cars

Fully autonomous cars, capable of running without the use of gasoline, have the ability to run on autopilot. The car is fitted and equipped with different sensors to determine its surroundings, demographics, and road hazards. These sensors are operated by computer software that determines the best course of action in almost any given situation. However, these computer softwares are not so much different than the ones that we use our laptops or smartphones. With the correct skills, training and equipment, hackers can easily manipulate how the cars computer acts, and some can be fatal.

The Defense Against Hackers

Argus Cyber Security is the worlds largest independent company that focuses in automotive cyber security protection and development. They have been coming up with solutions since 2013 in order to fight hackers and help consumers defend their cars from illegal activities. The company has just announced today its new groundbreaking ECU Fingerprinting technology that can identify or trace source codes or messages that seem malicious or unauthorized. Tests conducted have shown that the Fingerprinting technology is highly accurate at identifying malicious messages with zero false positives.

Argus will soon integrate the technology with its In-Vehicle Network Protection suite. This would be a very huge step in protecting cars from being hacked, and even if it is hacked, the technology would be able to trace back the source and will be able to prevent another automotive cyber attack from happening again.

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