'The Flash' Season 3 Episode 7 Spoilers: Killer Frost Cannot Be Contained By Barry

Just when we thought that we were able to see the the true powers of Danielle Panabaker(Caitlin), we are totally wrong. What killer frost showed to Cisco is just a glimpse of her powers.

Recap Of Last Night's Episode

For those of you who weren't able to watch Season 3 Episode 6, don't worry I got your back. Not only I'll be providing a link where you can watch it but I'll also key in the details that you need to double check on what episode 6 was trying to tell us. First of, episode 6 was titled "Shade". It started when Danielle Panabaker freezes a glass of water with her bare hands in front of Cisco. Apparently, she was developing her skill and she wanted to show that she is a metahuman too.

Then Caitlin once again showcased her power by freezing the glass of water upside down. At this time, Cisco noticed that she is not even excited about it. All this time, Caitlin was hiding her special gift to everybody but also knew that the time will come when she has to show it. Cisco then said "That's why you went to see your mom to see if she can help you".

"But she can't," says Caitlin, before asking Cisco a favor. "I need you to vibe me in the future because I want to know if I become [Killer Frost]." "Please I just need to know for sure," Caitlin begs. "I need to know if I become evil, because if I do. I have to leave and never come back."

Season 3 Episode 7, Killer Frost Emerges

As mentioned awhile back, what we saw from episode 6 was just a tiny bit of what Caitlin is capable of. Season 3 Episode 7 has already released its trailer; and she's more powerful than expected. She is becoming what she fears to be, she is evolving as the Killer Frost. Doctor Alchemy warned Barry about trusting his friends, Alchemy even asked Barry to knock Caitlin out but it went the other way around. Caitlin then showed her powers to Barry; and he was astonished.

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