'Girl Meets World' Season 4 Updates: Rowan Blanchard Hopeful For New Season; Urges Fans To Keep Pushing For It

By Marion Villareal , Nov 21, 2016 11:47 PM EST

Despite the online petition for "Girl Meets World" season four renewal being closed already, the fans are still continually pushing for this to happen. In addition to this, he stars of the series have also urged their fans to keep insisting in the renewal with the hopes that they will be heard by the network.

Rowan Blanchard Urges Fans To Keep Pushing For Petitions On "Girl Meets World" Renewal For Season 5

Just recently, actress Rowan Blanchard who plays Riley Matthews on "Girl Meets World" recently took to her twitter account to urge the fans to continue pushing for the renewal of the series. There have been reports claiming that the show will already be cancelled after the third season, which is currently running right now and will until sometime in 2017. Thus, the fans are strongly hoping that Disney will renew the show even after the characters have already graduated from high school.

Characters Growing Up Denies Opportunity To Continue Storyline In Disney Network

There are reports claiming that the reason the series is going to be cancelled is that the stars and their characters are already growing up and that the storyline might not be fit for the audience of the network. However, the fans don't believe that this could be grounds for cancellation, since there are still a lot about the characters' lives that need to be tackled. These issues and concerns about growing up could help the audience in dealing with their own versions of growing up as well, some fans strongly say so.
Having heard from the "Girl Meets World" star herself about pushing for the series' season four, this has ignited hope for the fans in the show being renewed. Even though there still hasn't been any official word from Disney yet, they strongly urge that it may be aired in "Freeform," the home network of their predecessor entitles "Boy Meets World." For now, they are simply waiting on the official word to be announced.

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