This Is Keeping The Arctic Cool—Find Out What

Much has been said already about climate change and how it is making the planet warm. Many point out especially to the North and South Poles, as many are saying that climate change will melt most of the ice there in record time. But something might be keeping those places cool. In particular, this is keeping the Arctic cool, and find out what that is.

People might be surprised, but researchers have been studying the Arctic and found something surprising about it. Their study shows that bird excrement might be playing a role in keeping the Arctic cool. This is especially during the Arctic summer months where it should be much hotter.

This cooling might be due to many birds flocking to the Arctic during summer to cool off. While they are there, the place is covered with their excrement. In time the area has much of it that ammonia is produced. Initially, the researchers thought that the ammonia was coming from the sea, though after much testing they have discounted that notion.

The effect of bird droppings in the Arctic might only be modest cooling, as Science News notes, but even so, that would still be something of worth especially at this time of climate change. Researchers say that this might help the Arctic cope as climate change continues to affect our planet.

"The humor is not lost on me," noted Greg Wentworth, the study's co-author and an atmospheric chemist at Alberta Environments and Parks in Canada. For the research, they have used computer models to simulate the effects of ammonia in the Arctic, as well as how it would be without it. Through the model, they found out that when ammonia mixed with sulfuric acid and water molecules from sea sprays, it can help in cloud formation. That would then lead to some cooling in the Arctic.

Their study does not suggest that more bird droppings would slow down the ice melting there, according to Phys Org. What the researchers want to show is that the Earth's ecosystem is very complex, and many things can have a part in it. By knowing about bird droppings, that this is keeping the Arctic cool, we can find out what can be done to at least lessen the effects of climate change.

The Earth's ecosystem is complex, and another study shows this. It has been shown that the soil can contribute much carbon dioxide. Knowing about this can have an impact on how we view climate change.

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