Climate Change: Blame Earth’s Soil For Releasing Carbon Dioxide

Climate change continues as many factors contribute to it. The usual culprits are cited whenever the issues of global warming and climate change come up. However, many don't factor in the soil for climate change. Some believe to blame the Earth's soil for releasing carbon dioxide.

One of the biggest factors for carbon dioxide emission is the soil itself. The soil has been found to release about nine times more of carbon dioxide than all of the human activities related to it combined. This is a big factor, and a study is being made to see what are its effects would be.

To understand this, to researchers have studied hos the soil reacts to climate change. Marine Biology Laboratory scientists Joanna Carey and Jianwu Tang together with Boston University Associate Professor of Biology Pamela Templer have studied and analyzed soil from different regions. They have studied soil coming from deserts all the way to the Arctic to see how different conditions would affect the soil.

Their study has shown that soil responds differently from one region to another, according to the Boston University site. Soil coming from the Arctic has been most responsive. Carey explained that soil respiration occurs to up to 25 degrees Celsius. Beyond that temperature, the soil diminishes in its respiration.

With that study, as temperatures go higher, the soil will emit more carbon dioxide. The Arctic is especially vulnerable since as temperatures rise, much of the carbon dioxide in the soil there will be released, as Phys Org reports. The Arctic has been found to have much carbon dioxide still stored in the soil there.

Microbes in the soil as well do not adapt accordingly to climate change. The microbes are essential as they can hinder carbon dioxide release. If they fail to adapt, then the soil will continue to release a large amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Climate change will continue to be a great concern in the years to come. Many see the different factors that contribute to it, yet the study says to blame the Earth's soil for releasing carbon dioxide. The World Health Organization has also come out with a report that says as much as 92 percent of the world live on polluted air.

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