Secrets To Play 'Nintendo DS' Games On iOS Without Jailbreak Finally Unveiled

By Staff writer , Nov 17, 2016 03:45 AM EST

You can now be able to download and install Nintendo DS for iOS on your iPhone, iPad running iOS 10, iOS 10.1, and iOS 10.1.1 to be able to play Nintendo DS games. Jailbreak will not be required in order to install, but you will be needing an emulator. You can now experience classic Nintendo DS games right on your iPhone or iPad that are running on iOS 10. What's great about this is jailbreak will not be required anymore.

Nintendo DS games now available on iOS

Thankfully, after all, the hard work of certain developers, you can now experience Nintendo DS games on your iPhone or iPad, without even jailbreaking your phone. The games will run through emulations, which simply means you can get the whole thing absolutely free. These emulators will work on iOS 10, iOS 10.1, and also the latest iOS 10.1.1 for the iPhone and iPad devices.

You will be able to use two emulators

There will be two emulators you can use in order to get the games running: iNDS and NDS4iOS. Both are absolutely free, but the emulators will not be available to download directly from App Store. But don't worry, steps are already provided below on how to download them right away. The reason for the use of these emulators is because: Apple keeps on revoking certificates for them, which would make installation impossible after a certain point. So, if one emulator does not work, you can always try the other one since there will be two options. If both won't work, then you will have to wait it out until either one will be ready for use again.

Steps on how to Install NDS4iOS on iPhone & iPad

1. Launch Safari on your iPhone or iPad and visit the given link:

2. Tap on Apps at the top of the page, then scroll down and tap on NDS4iOS.

3. Tap on the Install button in order to start downloading. You'll be presented with an iOS pop-up asking for confirmation, tap Install when prompted for it.

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