Pokemon Sun And Moon' Unlikely To Be Available On Nintendo Switch, But Why?

Doubts have been brewing that Pokémon Sun and Moon would ever shed daylight on the Nintendo Switch. Pokémon games have always been largely well-accepted by fans but it is looking like Pokémon Sun and Moon is going to be the biggest game that is going to hit for the series of Pokémon games. The game could even help in the dispelling of doubts about the Nintendo Switch.

People are doubting the Switch

The Nintendo Switch, as of the moment, is something of an unknown quantity. Right now, people are still wondering or having doubts if the upcoming Nintendo console will ever surpass expectations and be a truly great gaming platform. But with all that being said, Pokémon is still a name that can always be relied upon when you want to popularize your console. Nintendo is quite determined that Pokémon Sun and Moon is going to be a huge hit, and one of their reasons for believing so is that Pokémon Go was also a huge success for the company.

Pokémon Sun and Moon will help raise the popularity of Nintendo Switch

Pre-orders of the upcoming game are doing really, exceptionally well when you compare them to older Pokémon game titles like Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby. To reinforce those facts, it has been confirmed that Pokémon Sun and Moon is, as of now, the best pre-seller among any game in the history of Nintendo. To also reinforce the hype of the game, the demo for Pokémon Sun and Moon alone was downloaded more than 3.5 million times, and it also has become the most successful demo on the 3DS in the history of Nintendo. So maybe Pokemon Sun and Moon will be able to help boost the appeal and popularity of the up and coming Nintendo Switch, a hybrid console that is already receiving a lot of doubt even before its official launch.

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