What’s Next For The Undertaker After His WWE Smackdown Appearance? The Phenom To Screw Brock Lesnar On His Match With Goldberg?

By Monica Macalinao , Nov 17, 2016 07:32 AM EST
The Undertaker is back and fans are crying for more. So what's next for the deadman? Here are some possibilities on what he'll do after his WWE Smackdown appearance. (Photo : WWE Full Show On Request/Youtube)

The Undertaker has returned to his old haunting grounds with much fanfare and thunderous ovation. And now that the return has finally happened, a lot of WWE fans are now wondering what is next for the Phenom. Will he do another WrestleMania? Or will he retire this year or maybe wait for the next? His brief Smackdown appearance has created more questions than answers.

So here we are again looking into the crystal ball and picking up a bit of clue to decipher what is next for the Undertaker after that momentous appearance at Smackdown.

Let us start first with what transpired during Smackdown's 900th episode special with the Undertaker. Basically, the Phenom interrupted Edge's "The Cutting Edge" segment which was currently interviewing several Smackdown superstars. You know the drill, lights went down and the smoke goes up, thunder is heard throughout the arena and the funeral march song plays. Typical Classic Taker minus the urn.

The Undertaker's return has been rumored for a few weeks now before the Smackdown taping, but fans just can't help but feel chills every time he does return.

Anyway, when he got to the ring, he basically threatened the SmackDown team that if they lost to Team Raw that they would have to deal with him. And that is it, seriously, he comes back after a long time and basically just puts unbelievable peer pressure on the Smackdown people.

WWE has several options on how the creative team can capitalize on this successful return. Here are some of them:

Undertaker Screws Brock

Since it looks like that the Undertaker is going to get involved in the Survivor Series in some capacity. Why not let him interfere in the Lesnar vs Goldberg match and cheat Brock out of a revenge victory?

This could set up a potential showdown with Undertaker and his WrestleMania streak ender for the ultimate revenge.

The Legend Gets One Final WWE Championship

And there goes the chills back again. If the WWE does indeed go this route, then it would be a fitting send-off to the man who was with the company for so long. The Undertaker is the ultimate competitor and the fact that he has significantly less championship than someone like John Cena is downright absurd.

The rumor is that the WWE will set up a triple threat match between AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose, and the Undertaker for the WWE World Championship. Put a Hell in a Cell on top of them and I am definitely sold.

The Deadman Enters the Royal Rumble

If the Undertaker can spike the Smackdown rating way up by just appearing, then imagine if there are rumors that point to a surprise entry by the Phenom in next year's Royal Rumble event.

That would be huge and will definitely be talked about for a while.

And what about the old guy winning the Rumble? That would set up a few more months of Taker mania that can culminate to the grandest stage of them all. Now that is what I call, money in the bank for WWE.

With all these juicy options floating around, fans will just have to wait and see for more clues in WWE's Survivor Series on Nov. 20.

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