Blizzard Is About To Make A Big Overwatch Reveal

Blizzard is poised to introduce a new set of Overwatch characters soon. These, in one way or another, are quite different from the usual ones though. The studio finally confirmed the arrival of LGBT heroes to the game. Although the release date remains unknown, fans can expect them anytime in the future.

The LGBT community is in for a huge Overwatch treat. According to Crave, the developer has already iterated its plans to release these type of characters to the game. The big reveal happened during the company's Q&A session at BlizzCon, which took place this month. The studio's very own Michael Chu made the revelation.

As per Chu, Blizzard wants Overwatch to offer some sort of "diversity and inclusiveness." And by that, it only means the inclusion of LGBT heroes. In fact, he stated that it has already been their plan since day one. The decision to do so was already made when they first developed the characters on an early stage.

Referring to the kind of relationship Overwatch characters have, Chu explained that the game's story isn't just about the "romantic" type of thing. As much as possible, they want to veer away from such standard. Hence they try their best to incorporate "familial relationships" and the alike. He even assured the community that stories about LGBT heroes will soon be unveiled, and it's only a matter of time before they'll be released.

There are Overwatch fans, though, who're skeptical towards Chu's statements. They said that if Blizzard really wanted to do it, they should've done it at the first place. That the studio only decided to do so because it's what the general public want. And obviously, the devs don't want to stain the game's reputation and popularity thus the move. Either that, it's also feasible that the video game company is trying to be careful in handling stories. And since it's a sensitive area to hold, a good amont of time is needed to review every detail.

Since the release of Overwatch, loads of fan arts have surfaced online showcasing the heroes as LGBTs. But it was only at BlizzCon where Blizzard finally shed some light towards these sexual orientations. As vague as the release window, there's yet to be a concrete knowledge on how the studio will go down with this direction.

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