Overwatch Guide: Here's How To Acquire Oni Genji Skin

One of things that make Overwatch stand out from the rest are the hero skins. Although it doesn't entirely affect the gameplay, it gives life and style to the game. For those who main Genji (that cyborg ninja), they're in for a huge treat. There's now a simple way to acquire the titular Oni skin, which was revealed back at BlizzCon this month.

From now on moving forward, Overwatch players can acquire the Oni Genji skin by simply playing a total of 15 Heroes of the Storm matches, as reported by Mashable. Obviously, that isn't a tiring thing to do. It's probably Blizzard's way of doubling the fun.

It's worth noting, however, that Overwatch players need to play the aforementioned matches with a friend (at least one, yes). Simply put, they have to go over these battles in a party. As vigorous as it may sound, the reward is still very compelling.

This offer will only last until January 4, thus Overwatch players must start their quest as soon as they can. But of course, for those who are fond of Heroes of the Storm, this task should be moonlight and roses. As for those who've yet to play the game, then think of it as the studio's way to introduce them to a new world.

If, for instance, Overwatch players don't want to undergo the aforementioned process, there's still a surefire way to getting Oni Genji skin. How? Well, they simply have to grind through the 15 matches in the Co-op Versus A.I. mode. They can do this by playing together with a friend (or a party of 5) and spend the rest of the hours. Besides, to make things a lot easier, they can change the difficulty level to breeze through.

Moreover, Overwatch fans can acquire the aforesaid skin by playing Quick Match, Ranked and/or Unranked modes. It doesn't matter anyway if they win or lose. Either way, they'll be getting the skin as long as they finish the 15 matches. Furthermore, doing so will result to Zarya being unlocked in Heroes of the Storm.

What are your thoughts on Genji's Oni skin in Overwatch? Have you started playing the matches in Heroes of the Storm already? Or you've already acquired the skin? Be sure to share us your experience at the comment section below!

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