Nintendo Switch-Etika Fake Reveal Controversy: Nintendo At Fault?

The Nintendo Switch device that YouTube presenter Etika showed in his channel has been confirmed as a fake. Is Nintendo at fault for not giving in to fans' demand for more official information?

Etika's Fake Nintendo Switch Reveal Causes Uproar

Video presenter Etika caused some uproar when he showed in his channel a "Nintendo Switch" handheld device including its Joy-Cons. The original YouTube video was later taken down but copies of the video is still circulating around. Many dismissed it as a fake although a number of viewers were not sure.

Etika recently uploaded another video presenting a more authentic looking Switch. However, Frank Sandqvist also admitted on YouTube that Etika contacted him to make a Switch replica. Sandqvist by the way is the same person who spread the fake "Nintendo NX" prototype pictures online. Both fake Nintendo devices were created using 3D printing technology.

Nintendo Switch Beta Program Scam

A Nintendo Switch Beta Program scam has also surfaced recently seeking to take advantage of unsuspecting Nintendo fans who want to get their hands on a Switch device for free. The two sites namely, "" and "" do not belong to the Japanese game maker but to an American individual.

Nintendo's Silence on Fake Switch Reveal And Scams

Are most of these fake Nintendo Switch reveals and scams fueled by the fans' fascination with the upcoming console? The Japanese game maker had always kept a tight lid when it comes to releasing information. Although, a lot of unofficial sources are now leaking details about the Switch as its launch date grows near.

But is it too much to ask? Is it possible for Nintendo to issue an advisory or warning against these unscrupulous persons? Should fans also bear some of the blame? Nintendo has already announced that the next official detail is going to be released on January 2017 and the official release date is on March of next year. Until then, Nintendo Switch fans should be on the lookout against similar scams.

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