Super Mario Run' Will Be Free To Play in Apple Devices For Limited Time, But Why?

By Staff writer , Nov 18, 2016 04:00 AM EST

The official announcement of the impending release of the Nintendo Switch should not be a reason for gamers to ultimately forget that Nintendo is also set to release the upcoming Super Mario Run in December this year for the iOS and any Apple platform.

People are excited about Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run was introduced in September with the game mentioned to be optimized for smart devices and is going to be playable with one hand. As per Nintendo, over 20 million people have already signified their interest to be notified when the game is about to be released.

Release date and Android version

Previously announced to be released in 100 countries, Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima, during Nintendo's recent financial presentation, announced that they are also planning to release Super Mario Run in 50 more countries, initially for the iPhone and iPad, in December. He also said during a recent presentation that an Android version of the game is also in the works, though they didn't mention any release date for the game just yet.

About the game

Downloading Super Mario Run will be free and will be free-to-play until a certain level is reached, in which the whole content of the game will then be available to users after paying the set subscription price without any further additional charges. Kimishima also said further details for the game would then be announced at a later date. But speculations have already been surfacing that Super Mario Run might follow the same pricing structure the same as Nintendo's other titles, most notably for the Nintendo 3DS, according to a recent report. There was no mentioning as to which 150 countries would be getting the game first once December 2016 arrives.

Pokémon GO inspired the production of Super Mario Run

The massive success of the mobile game Pokémon GO is the driving force that drives Nintendo to develop its next mobile game. Kimishima said there a lot of people are playing games on their mobile devices. The main goal he said, was for Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto and his team to spread Super Mario Run as quickly as Pokémon Go.

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