The 'Pokemon Go' Hype Will Be Revived By Upcoming Nintendo Switch, But How?

Despite the fact that the Nintendo Switch will be a mobile console, Pokémon GO will not be available for the upcoming Nintendo console. Nintendo's new console -slash- the on-the-go device is practically a gaming console that users can take and play their games anywhere they want. However, incorporating the revived Pokémon GO on the console is very much unlikely for several reasons.

Pokémon GO is not built for Nintendo Switch

The main purpose of the Nintendo Switch is to promote convenient gaming, incorporate mobility into a fully-working console. From a normal person's standpoint, it's practically a tablet that features mini controllers that a person can take anywhere. The presence of these side controllers is just an indication that the Switch isn't a touchscreen device. So the traditional swiping in order to throw the Pokéball will not be possible to swipe and throw the Pokéball.

The main reasons why

It will also be unlikely for the Nintendo Switch to have GPS capabilities, although it will be having Wi-Fi functionality. Thus, overall, the infamous reality game is very unsuitable for the console. Additionally, the Nintendo Switch will also not feature an external camera.

Pokémon Sun and Moon will be much suitable on the Switch

Pokémon Sun and Moon will be much better on the Switch than Pokémon GO overall when it comes to engaging game design and amazing gameplay. The only downside is that you will be required a Nintendo 3DS to play Sun and Moon, whereas Niantic's augmented reality game can be played on any smartphone you already own. But despite this, overall, the type of gameplay found in Pokémon Sun and Moon will be much better and suitable for the Switch.

Most successful mobile game in history

Pokémon GO continues to shine and revive itself from its down times during when players were pretty much disappointed with the game. As per current surveys, Pokémon GO is the fastest mobile game to hit $600 million in revenues. The mobile game is considered as the most successful game in history, even if its growth has been declining in the past months. Now with the coming of the Nintendo Switch, it seems as if Pokémon GO will benefit from it.

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