Pokemon Sun And Moon News: Nintendo Switch Version Coming Called Pokemon Stars

Pokemon Sun and Moon hype is still on! It's just a day after the release and everyone's still scrambling to get more news, game tips, and even copies (to those who still haven't got them). One thing's for sure though, everyone love both Pokemon Sun and Moon games! Hey, they aren't the most pre-ordered games for nothing, right?

Now, reports say that there will be another upcoming Pokemon game set for release and this time, it's not for the Nintendo 3DS nor our Android or iOS phones. Another reason to get more excited, yes? Thank you The Pokemon Company and Nintendo!

News are saying that a third version Pokemon Sun and Moon will come for the mysterious and highly-awaited Nintendo console, Nintendo Switch. In fact, the new Pokemon game is said to be under development and will most likely launch in 2017, as reported by Eurogamer. And since the recently released games were titled Sun and Moon, you'd probably have an idea on what the upcoming game is called.

You guess it right, the Pokemon Sun and Moon third version is said to be called Pokemon Stars. And if you have been a long time follower of Pokemon games, they tend to have the third version released later that comes with expanded features such as Pokemon Red and Blue were followed by Pokemon Yellow and Pokemon Diamond and Pearl with Platinum as its third title. So this isn't really quite a surprise.

What's exciting about Pokemon Stars is that it's going to be in the hyped Nintendo Switch - and it will be the first Nintendo "home" console that's going to feature a Pokemon game, and it took them 20 years. But at least it's finally coming (crosses fingers).

Eurogamer also pointed out that Game Freak, the genius team behind Pokemon Sun and Moon, paused working on the Nintendo Switch version of the Pokemon game for a couple of months in order to polish Sun and Moon, in time for their release. And now that those two games have already launched, the team is now most likely resuming with Pokemon Stars development, especially adding features that weren't in the Nintendo 3DS games.

So while we can expect that the Pokemon Sun and Moon Nintendo Switch version is going to have the same maps and art, it is still recommended to get all three since Pokemon will be made tradable between Pokemon Stars, Sun and Moon through Pokemon Bank app.

"We've always made [main] Pokémon games on Nintendo hardware. Something which has been important to us recently has been the communication and wireless features. So when we consider whether we should bring something to one thing or another, it really depends on is the hardware itself. What might change about Nintendo hardware in the future is something we're really looking forward to - and if the hardware is suitable it's definitely something we want to consider using," Shigeru Ohmori, Pokemon Sun and Moon director told Eurogamer back in September.

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