Why The Upcoming Nintendo 3DS Games Are Named Pokemon Sun And Moon

With the hype that's been going on for months, it is actually no wonder why Pokemon Sun and Moon are the most pre-ordered Nintendo 3DS games to date. From the many leaks to datamined info and details uncovered in the game demo, this is really it, Pokemon fans, the long wait for the Sun and Moon release will finally come to a close in four days.

You may probably have set up a dream team of Pokemon with the help of the online Pokemon team planner or have reviewed the Starters stats and Alola forms of Pokemon in Sun and Moon but did it ever occur to you how the name Pokemon Sun and Moon come into fruition? Let's review a TIME interview with Sun and Moon producer, Junichi Masuda, and director, Shigeru Ohmori.

When Matt Peckham from TIME asked the creative team why they choose Sun and Moon instead of the traditional Pokemon games with materialistic titles (such as Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, etc), Ohmori answered that they actually spent a lot of time thinking about it. They knew that the 3DS games are set for release on the 20th Anniversary of Pokemon so he wanted to focus on these pocket monsters as living creatures. Ohmori also added that he wants the project to be a "celebration of life" and when we think about life, in general, we tend to ask ourselves, "how does life come about on our planet?" And of course, Ohmori thought of the Sun, which is one of the most influential things in life.

Ohmori also added that the moon also affects life - even noting that gravity and tides are influenced by the moon. They believe that both sun and moon are influential to life on earth hence, the titles, "Pokemon Sun and Moon".

Ohmori also mentioned about the relationship of earth, sun and moon. "They may have similar orbits but by changing your perspective, you realize that their orbit is actually completely different. The earth and the sun and moon are all tied together, the earth revolving around the sun, and the moon around the earth. They all work with each other to influence each other, and life as a result grows and flourishes based on that relationship," Ohmori told Peckham.

Ohmori then further explained that the Pokemon Sun and Moon titles was an "interesting metaphor for human relationships." He added that how we interact with other humans is best represented with the upcoming RPG games.

"How we interact with other people in our lives and we revolve around certain people, and certain other people depend on us. They revolve around us. I felt that that relationship with the earth, the sun and moon was a cool metaphor for how humans influence each other in our lives here. All of that went into the idea of Sun and Moon as the titles of our 20th anniversary Pokémon game," the Pokemon Sun and Moon director concluded.

Take a look at the Pokemon Sun and Moon Legendaries Trailer below and get more excited for their Nov. 18 release!

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