Check Out Who's Number 4 Among The Top 10 Most Iconic Game Characters

By Gen Que , Nov 19, 2016 04:20 AM EST

From monsters to heroes, the game world has also their own beloved, scary, forgettable, and interesting characters. There are also those iconic characters that are not just unforgettable but also defined gaming. There are a lot of them but we just present the top 10 most iconic characters. Here are they and yu would like to check who's at number four.

Number 10: Jaina Proudmoore

There's no doubt why Jaina Proudmoore is part of out top 10 most iconic characters. She first appeared in Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos as a supporting character. However, she matured and became an Alliance general in World of Warcraft. In Heroes of the Storm, she became the epitome of the frost mage archetype.

Number 9: Barbarian

Who can forget the blonde-mustachioed, mean-tempered Barbarian clad in kilt and charging across the map and laying waste to anything they come across their path in Clash of Clans.

Number 8: Big Daddy

Bioshock's Big Daddies are eighth in our top 10 iconic game characters. Only a few game monsters are as unsettling as these heavy-footed monsters. What make's them different from other monsters is that they are not inherently bad as they only attack when they perceive you as a threat to Little Sister.

Number 7: Ezio Auditore da Firenze

No one is as stylish as Ezio in donning the Assassin's cloak. But what makes him iconic is he gets to fight with a real-life pope: Pope Alexander VI or Rodrigo Borgia before he became the head of the Catholic Church.

Number 6: Geralt of Rivia

This tough guy from The Witcher feels like an old friend. He doesn't care about anything much except to make money. But when it comes to his adopted daughter Ciri, he's really a softie. One of his iconic moments was fighting alongside Ciri and his allies during the Battle of Kaer Morhen.

Number 5: Tracer

Tracer who? Of course, you know her. Who doesn't know Overwatch's poster girl? Her teleportation and time rewinding abilities make her a force to be reckoned with. But what makes her lovable is her cockney English accent and every time she says, "Cheers Love! The cavalry's here," you can't help but fall for her.

Number 4: Steve

Those 100 million people who downloaded Minecraft, or even those who don't, can't miss the brown and different shades of blue character, Steve. Originally named "The Player," he definitely deserves a spot in our Top 10 most iconic game characters. Why not when he's so good at putting finishing touches to elaborate constructions without getting tired after hours and hours of mining and constructing.

Number 3: Kratos

This god-slaying Titan deserves no less than great respect. He gained popularity after slaying a host of Roman gods, even Zeus. The way he led fellow Titans to storm Mount Olympus is simply impressive.

Number 2: Nathan Drake

This modern day Indiana Jones from Uncharted will get you with his wisecracking heroic ways. Plus, he has a talent for killing bad guys in the most charming way possible.

Number 1: Master Chief

No one deserves the top spot of our top 10 most iconic game characters but Master Chief himself. Every time he says, "You know me. When I make a promise..." to which Cortana answers, "You keep it."

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