Nintendo Switch Games: Dream Line Up Leaked

When the Wii U was released, in 2012, a lot of of fans who've been waiting were filled with disappointment because of the launch game titles it had. Big game titles, such as Call of duty and Mass Effect, were poor versions of the original. Nintendo most probably don't want to repeat the same mistakes again and their supposedly Nintendo Switch dream line up has been leaked.

Despite the news, there have been other rumors circulating that some games that are part of the Nintendo Switch game lineup will be made available within six months after the release of the console. And based on the number of leaks going around, there might be some truth to it.

The games that are rumored to be part of the Nintendo Switch dream line up includes Skyrim Special Edition, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Pokemon Sun and Moon, Splatoon, a new Super Mario game that is still unidentified. The latest rumored addition to the lineup is a Rabbids and Super Mario crossover role playing game which is under development by Ubisoft.

The Nintendo Switch games dream line up shows a lot of promise except that there are some challenges to overcome. For example, rumors are very strong surrounding Zelda not being able to make it during the Switch release date. This will be a big blow considering the fact that it is the flagship game title of the crossover console.

There is a rumored third version of Pokemon Sun and Moon made for Nintendo Switch. Nintendo has been mum about these as it vowed to be secretive about the specifics. However, that is supposed to be launched at a later time. Thus, if Zelda can't make it on the release date, most probably Skyrim will do the job. The game was seen being played in the console's launch video.

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