Pokemon GO Update: Mewtwo Arriving In December? Here's Why We Think So

Pokemon GO Update: Mewtwo Arriving In December? Here's Why We Think So
Pokemon GO might be welcoming the legendary MewTwo in as early as December. Why? Find out here. Photo : Photo by The Official Pokemon Channel/YouTube

MewTwo has been the subject of reports for a while now, which leads to players asking: Is the legendary Pokemon coming soon to Pokemon GO? As of now, all of 151 Generation 1 creatures cannot be caught yet as Ditto and a few are still not released. Will MewTwo be the first to arrive?

Pokemon GO Welcoming MewTwo Soon?

According to Forbes, should MewTwo arrive in Pokemon GO, Niantic will hold an event that will allow players catch the legendary Pokemon. It is very likely that the creature will only be available for a certain amount of time, so those who want to catch it must get serious.

With that said, the Christmas season is almost upon us, which serves as the perfect holiday for any Pokemon GO event. Of course, it comes after Thanksgiving that might feature a similar update like that of Halloween. It would not be that explosive, but it is also something to look forward to.

MewTwo coming to Pokemon GO at the upcoming gift-giving season will be the perfect gift to any fan and player of the game. It might even lure back its lost players and entice new ones to open the app again, just as the Halloween event did.

Should Niantic pass up Christmas, there is also New Year where large crows naturally gather at a place for the countdown. If anyone still remembers, the launch trailer of the game (which can be seen below) features MewTwo fighting another Pokemon in front of a large display with crowds looking up in awe.

This looks much like a central point of a city, say the New York Times Square. Is New Year the perfect opportunity to release the Pokemon? Well, not really, but the days leading up to the night can be another reason to converge in the Times Square.

Magearna Arriving To Pokemon Sun And Moon In December

It can also be noted that the Mythical Pokemon called Magearna is arriving to Pokemon Sun and Moon on Dec. 5. If GameFreaks deems the last month of the year a good time to release a Mythical, Niantic might also think so.

Although there are not enough evidences on the internet about the release date of Legendaries in Pokemon GO, or even Ditto, we have good reason to think that we will be welcoming one soon. It might be MewTwo, as I have speculated, but it might also be Mew. No one knows as of now.

However, I am more inclined to think that the other Legendaries such as Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres are arriving sometime next year, but not after the Gen 2 Pokemon are released. It would bring another set of Legendaries to Pokemon GO, which would be a bummer if we would not get the chance to catch the first batch ahead.

Nevertheless, Niantic has the last say in such matters. We may or may not get anything new on Christmas Day. Then there is also the possibility of the devs brewing something larger than MewTwo, but that remains to be seen. One thing is for sure, though, the company must soon quench the thirst of gamers for a Legendary Pokemon as the daily usage is going down fast.

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