Dragon Ball Super Episode 70-71 News: The Dark Side Of Vegeta Resurfaced; Omniverse Tournament Is The New Arc?

Zeno God of Everything (Omni King) - Dragon Ball
Zeno God of Everything (Omni King) - Dragon Ball Photo : kwart / YouTube

The last three episodes of Dragon Ball Super Series is beyond words. It is epic in every magnitude as lots of plots and sub-plots were created. Now that Merged Zamasu is defeated, there sure are a lot of things ahead that await our super heroes.

Teasers And Spoilers For Episode 70-71 Are All Over The Internet

Although episode 68 and 69 are not yet aired, there are a lot of rumors revolving the first two episodes of Dragon Ball Super after Zamasu's death. It is widely spread that this two episodes will showcase Goku's weaknesses, Vegeta's greediness and Trunks being kindhearted. Zamasu was defeated because of these three warriors. Trunks made the last attack; which ultimately killed one of the strongest villains in Dragon Ball history, Zamasu.

As per reports, they are certain that these things will happen based on the sequence of events on the last few episodes. There are no confirmation yet from the producers however, if this will happen, it directly contradicts on what they are trying to show. There are no concrete evidence that Vegeta will betray Trunks and Goku as he did numerous times. We are not zeroing out this possibility as Vegeta himself is unpredictable. Also, there are no reports yet on what would the title be for episode 70 and 71.

Omniverse Tournament Is The New Arc

These are still considered speculations as the previous episode didn't provide much evidence that Zen-Oh himself will conduct the tournament. However, if we are going to check further, Zen-Oh is highly interested in creating another tournament; which will gather the best fighters from the 12 universes. There were no updates yet on when will the tournament will happen but Goku is excited about it.

The All King made its suggestions in the middle of the confrontation between Champa and his team. Champa was on the verge of destroying anything on his path until Zen-Oh appeared with a pair of bodyguards. Beerus and Champa initially wasn't surprise or scared when Whis and Vados were informing them than All King is in the arena. Until they saw him with their own eyes. Vegeta did asked Beerus on who was the small kid at the center of the arena and he answered frighteningly.

Who is Zen-Oh And What Business Brought Him In The Middle Of The Battle

To perfectly describe Zen-Oh, we will borrow a phrase that Whis said, "nobody in this world is greater than Zen-Oh, as the latter has the power to instantly wipe out anything in the blink of an eye; from individual people, planets, galaxies to entire universes and if he so wished he could wipe out all of existence. According to Whis, there used to be 18 universes but Zen-Oh destroyed 6 of them when he was in an unpleasant mood."

Zen-Oh's personality however is childlike. He looks like a child and acts like a child. He even pranked Champa and Beerus about them being replaced as the Gods of Destruction. Then, in a stunning twist, he asked Goku to be his friend.

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