'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 68 to 71 Spoilers: Goku Is Killed By An Unknown Assassin; Teaser Titles Confirms Story

Just after the nightmare of dealing with Zamasu, Goku and his gang faces another challenge and this time, Goku may not make it in episode 71 of “Dragon Ball Super”. The latest issue of Japanese V Jump magazine, includes a short teaser and titles for the upcoming episodes “Dragon Ball Super.” The title of the last episode is “Goku Dies! Assassination Order that Must be Performed” which clearly confirms Goku’s death and the person who did it.

Although the identity of the assassin was not named, many are speculating that the man who did it must be the strongest killer there is in the entire Dragon Ball 12 Universe. Some believe it is Hit but there are some facts that don't seem to fit him. Actually, many thinks that Hit will be the one to warn Goku of the coming danger.

But before he is killed, episode 70 and 69 of “Dragon Ball Super” will bring Goku to another challenge or fight.

The episodes are titled “Challenge from Champa Let’s Fight in the Baseball!” and “Goku VS Arale! The Earth Comes to an End Due to Their Battle?” Based on the title, Goku faces another opponent but it seems the battle has ended too soon because the gang will do another mission in the following episode. Episode 69 suggests a baseball game is about to happen so Goku may have already been Arale.

And then there’s episode 68 of “Dragon Ball Super” entitled “Come Here Shenron!! Whose Dreams will Come True?” In this episode, Goku is looking for the 7 Dragon Balls to make a wish to Shenron but Bulma may have beaten her to it as Shenron has to make a decision whose wish will he grant. Goku intends to bring back Kaio-sama while Bulma could be wishing for Trunk’s return.

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