Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: How To Get Legendary Pokemon

Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: How To Get Legendary Pokemon
Unlike Pokemon GO, Legendary Pokemon can be captured in Nintendo's Pokemon Sun and Moon. Photo : Sacred/YouTube

Pokemon Sun and Moon are finally here. And for all Pokemon GO players, either of these is a must have. Why? Well, that's because Legendary creatures are available. For any Pokemon games out there, these just bring superb excitement. If you're currently into Nintendo's newest titles, this guide will help you catch the Legendary Pokemon. Here's how it can be done.

Solgaleo Or Lunala In Pokemon Sun And Moon

Regardless of what title you'll go with in Pokemon Sun and Moon, you're very likely to meet Solgaleo or Lunala. These species, however, can be discovered in the end of the story. The key is to simply to go over the game's story and once the Altar of the Sunne (Pokemon Sun) or Altar of the Moone (Pokemon Moon) on Poni Island is reached, the creature called Cosmog will evolve. This is going to be your first Legendary Pokemon in the game.

Cosmog In Pokemon Sun And Moon

Once Pokemon Sun and Moon players able to complete the main story, Cosmog will be acquired. Take note, though, that your character must first become a champion in Alola in order to do so. As mentioned above, the aforesaid Pokemon can be evolve into either Solgaleo or Lunala.

To find Cosmog in Pokemon Sun and Moon, simply go straight back to the Altar of the Sunne/Moon -- depending on which game you'll be playing -- and enter the portal. The latter can only be opened at night in Sun and day in Moon. Afterwards, you can head back to the Lake of the Sunne/Moone and move forward to the top of the platform. A cutscene follows and will introduce you to Cosmog.

Zygarde In Pokemon Sun And Moon

In your journey to Alola in Pokemon Sun and Moon, you'll eventually discover Sina and Dexio. The two characters are also part of Pokemon X and Y, so to speak. Either of them will give the so-called Zygarde Cube, something that you can utilize to acquire the Z-Cells and the Z-Cores (both of which are located in the Alola islands).

It depends, nonetheless, on the amount of Z-Cells (10, 50 or 100) you're able to collect in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Fortunately, you can just go to the trailer found in Route 66 (in Ula-ula islands). From there, assemble a Zygarde 10% Forme, a Zygard 50% Forme and Zygarde Complete Forme.

Tapu Koko In Pokemon Sun And Moon

One way to do this in Pokemon Sun and Moon is to challenge Tapu Koku, which is deemed as Melemele Island's guardian deity. Simply touch the statue that can be found at the end of the Ruins of Conflict. Remember that you have to be a champion of the Alola islands first in order for the Legendary Pokemon to appear. If you're defeated after challenging it, there's no need to worry. You can repeat the process over and over again until you acquire the creature.

Ultra Beasts In Pokemon Sun And Moon

Once Pokemon Sun and Moon players are able to complete the main story of the games, they can approach the International Police so as to gain knowledge about the Ultra Beasts. You'll also learn how to catch each of them. For every mission, you'll be given at least 10 Beast Balls.

What are your thoughts on this Pokemon Sun and Moon guide? Have you caught one Legendary Pokemon already? How was the experience so far? Let us know what you're thinking at the comment section below!

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