Top 4 Reasons To Play Pokemon Sun And Moon Now

Pokemon Sun And Moon Update: Standard 3DS Version Takes More Time To Load Than Usual
Pokemon Sun And Moon Update: Standard 3DS Version Takes More Time To Load Than Usual Photo : MunchingOrange/YouTube

Following the trend of Pokemon GO, Nintendo's highly anticipated Pokemon Sun and Moon are about to make history. In fact, many are suggesting that these games will be far better than Niantic's (no hate here, okay?). If you're still thinking of whether or not you'll join the celebration, you're in the right place. This article will tell you 4 reasons why you need to play it. Read on!

The Polynesian Setting Of Pokemon Sun And Moon

Unlike Pokemon Sun and Moon, the past Pokemon games were all about introducing the likes of France and/or Japan. And somehow, in one way or another, they all felt the same. There's no significant difference really. However, with the two games, the location is kind of unique -- Polynesian, that is. From every aspect of this area, players will be reminded of Hawaii's Pokemon version. Trust me, it's a really refreshing concept. And the Samoan music? Boy, it just keeps getting good.

Pokemon Sun And Moon Is Still About Catching

Like seriously, if there's one thing that Pokemon Sun and Moon have in common with other Pokemon games it's the fact that they're all about catching species. This is the very core of the titles after all. And even despite the popularity of other video games, the joy of catching your own creature is still there. Yes, it's there even after 20 years since the first Pokemon title was release. Mind you, the two games will still offer that kind of thrill (or even better than that).

The Pokemon Sun And Moon Presentation Is A Thing

With Pokemon Sun and Moon, it's all about 3D gameplay. And it's even better than the other game called X and Y. First off, the latter isn't flexible in terms of movements, as you still move like there's an invisible grid holding you. Add to that the fact that the camera angle just sucks. Because really, it's hung in the same place as it was in the previous Pokemon games.

In Pokemon Sun and Moon, however, things are going to be different in terms of presentation. The controls are highly recommendable, as it feels like you're really moving in a 3D environment. The camera, in particular, is quite explosive. It can swing around and get closer, though these depend on where you're located.

The Pokemon Sun And Moon Pokedex Can Talk

This may sound weird, but it's actually true in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Sure, Pokedex has been around in the previous games; however, it doesn't really talk. In the new games, however, this feature will be able to do so. Why? That's because it's actually a Pokemon called Rotom Pokedex. It helps players understand the kind of Pokemon they have. It also reminds them of their current or ongoing objective. Think of it as your very own buddy. You're Batman and the Pokedex is your Robin. Now, how cooll is that?

What are your thoughts on Pokemon Sun and Moon? Will you be playing the game? If so, what are your expectations? If not, what's your reason? Be sure to share us your answers at the comment section below. We'd love to hear from you!

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