NYPD Warns The Public Of The Dangers Of Smartphones: Everything You Need To Know About It And Other Things

By Cameron , Nov 22, 2016 06:34 PM EST
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Everyone here who has a smartphone is guilty of lying in bed before going to sleep while checking their phone. From watching videos, reading posts, managing files (selfies and pictures of loved ones for most people), and much more, this is already a big part of our nightly ritual. However, despite this "normal habit" to all smartphone users, there is a growing concern about this that needs to be addressed.

Me, personally, I like to watch long YouTube videos while I'm trying to sleep. It makes me feel relaxed and sleepy. I also like to put my phone next to me to make sure that I can wake up when the alarm starts buzzing. Enough of me, let's talk about the topic.

NYPD Warns People About Smartphones

In a Written article at Express, there have been numerous cases in the U.S. related to overheating and fires caused by smartphones, clearly putting people's lives at risks. In those cases, pillows, beds, and easily burned materials are getting caught up in flames when people leave their phones charging overnight beside them while sleeping. To prove how serious this is, Deputy Inspector Wilson Aramboles posted photos at the official Twitter account of the NYPD 33rd precinct. The photos that were posted are of phones that have overheated when left charging on the users' beds overnight.

How To Avoid It

First, if you're going to continue your ritual of checking your phone before going to bed at night, be sure that it isn't being charged. If ever your phone needs to be charged, be sure to place it in a spot where even if it explodes or catches fire, it won't spread. A good thing is top of a metal surface. I don't know about you, but getting your house or apartment burned down while you sleep is a terrifying to wake up at.

Other Problems Of Sleeping Next To Your Phone In Bed:

Keeping yourself awake. Reportedly, mobile phones, tablets, TVs, and other gadgets with LED screens gives off what is known as "blue light." This is said to inhibit the production of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin and disrupt our circadian rhythms. This is why many researchers encourage people to put down all electronic devices two hours before bedtime.

But personally, for me, this depends on the individual. I find it easier to sleep when lying in bed and watch YouTube videos (I like watching Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, due to its superb voice acting). It really is a matter of preference.

It can cause cancer. This one here is tricky. I'm not sure if this is a propaganda aimed to encourage people not to spend a lot of time with mobile phones or tech gadgets in general. Though there has been no research to prove that mobile devices can really cause cancer, many believe it to be true (even my teacher back in college believes it to be true, but he believes in many things if you know what I mean).

According to the experts who claim this to be true, mobile devices gives off small doses of electromagnetic radiation. A good example is a device that gives strong electromagnetic radiation are x-rays. For someone who is frequently getting an x-ray examination, it can cause severe damage to the patient's health. But hey, I'm not saying I'm an expert, but someone told me you should rest 3-6 months before getting another x-ray exam.

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