'Prison Break' Season 5 News And Updates: Upcoming Revival To Be More Dramatic And Action Packed As Michael Journeys To Come Home

By Marion Villareal , Nov 23, 2016 11:51 PM EST

The confirmation of the reboot of "Prison Break" has been one of the highlights of the internet these days, bombarded with many theories and speculations for its upcoming season five storyline. Nevertheless, it will tell the story of how Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) will journey across countries to come home to his family.

Lincoln Burrows To Save His Brother Michael Scofield From Prison In Yemen With The Help Of His Former Inmates In "Prison Break" Season 5

"Prison Break" hasn't been on air for about seven years now and it has been assumed to have ended during their season four finale. When it came to an end, the fans were obviously devastated and were not satisfied of how the storyline of Michael has come about. Thus, the news on its reboot as garnered more support than the cast has expected. There have also been countless numbers of speculations and theories about its upcoming season.

Based solely from the trailer alone of "Prison break" season five, it has been implied that Michael's (Wentworth Miller) brother Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) will be helping the former escape the prison he is currently being held in. Michael has been in a prison in Yemen all the years his family though he has been dead, due to the events that transpired during the season four finale. Now that Lincoln has discovered where his brother has been all this time, he will then return the favour that Michael did for him and get him out of there.

Most likely, he won't be able to pull off his plan all alone and will need the help of their former inmates. Thus, former characters from the previous seasons of "Prison Break" will definitely return for the reboot and come up with a plan to get Michael out of prison and out of the country as well. Thus begins his journey back into the arms of his family, even though they thought he was already dead.

"Prison Break" Season 5 To Be Adapted By The Ancient Greek History Of "The Odyssey," Bound To Bring More Tears And Action

Speaking of his family, it has also been speculated that aside from the action this season is going to bring, it will reportedly also bring drama into the storyline. It has been confirmed by creator Paul Scheuring that he has adapted the Greek history story of "The Odyssey" and applied it to the upcoming "Prison Break" season five. It is basically the story of a man "coming back to life," leaving a wife and a son in dismay at the thought of his death, closely similar to that of the story of "The Odyssey."

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